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The Responder
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random responses
* @author Michael Kölling and David J. Barnes
* @version 0.2 (2011.07.31)
public class Responder
private Random randomGenerator;
private ArrayList<String> responses;
* Create a responder.
public Responder()
randomGenerator = new Random();
responses = new ArrayList<String>();
* Generate a response.
* @return A string that should be displayed as the
* response
public String generateResponse()
// Pick a random number for the index in the default response
// list. The number will be between 0 (inclusive) and the size
// of the list (exclusive).
int index = randomGenerator.nextInt(responses.size());
return responses.get(index);
* Build up a list of default responses from which we can
* pick one if we don't know what else to say.
private void fillResponses()
responses.add( "That sounds odd. Could you describe \n" +
"that problem in more detail?" );
responses.add( "No other customer has ever \n" +
"complained about this before. \n" +
"What is your system configuration?" );
responses.add( "That's a known problem with Vista." +
"Windows 7 is much better." );
responses.add( "I need a bit more information on that." );
responses.add( "Have you checked that you do not \n" +
"have a dll conflict?" );
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