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The complete source code of the SupportSystem class is shown in Code 5.1. Code 5.2 shows
the source code of class Responder .
Code 5.1
The SupportSystem
source code
* This class implements a technical support system. It is
* the top-level class in this project. The support system
* communicates via text input/output in the text terminal.
* This class uses an object of class InputReader to read
* input from the user and an object of class Responder to
* generate responses.
* It contains a loop that repeatedly reads input and
* generates output until the user wants to leave.
* @author Michael Kölling and David J. Barnes
* @version 0.1 (2011.07.31)
public class SupportSystem
private InputReader reader;
private Responder responder;
* Creates a technical support system.
public SupportSystem()
reader = new InputReader();
responder = new Responder();
* Start the technical support system. This will print a
* welcome message and enter into a dialog with the user,
* until the user ends the dialog.
public void start()
boolean finished = false;
while (!finished) {
String input = reader.getInput();
if (input.startsWith( "bye" )) {
finished = true ;
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