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If you're looking for a lightweight cross-browser element inspector, then XRAY, shown in
Figure 1-29, is right up your alley. It has a very limited scope, but its focus is actually a
strength as long as limited scope is what you want.
Figure 1-29: The XRAY page.
Head to and drag the big XRAY box to your bookmarks toolbar (or
the menu, if you want to hide it away). h en, whenever you're on a page and want to inspect
an element, call up XRAY and select the element that interests you.
Once you've selected an element, it will be highlighted and show dimensional information to
the sides, and the XRAY box, visible in Figure 1-30, will provide some extra information
regarding its place in the document tree, any ID or class values, and a core set of CSS property
values. If you select any of the elements under the inheritance hierarchy, XRAY will switch to
inspecting that element. To get rid of XRAY until the next time you need it, just click the close
icon at the top-right corner of the box.
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