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Figure 1-15: The Tools menu.
As I said at the outset, this is only a taste of what the WDT is capable of doing, so take the
time to really dig in and i nd the tools that will make your life easier.
If you're doing your primary Web development in Internet Explorer 7, then you can't install
the Web Developer Toolbar (see preceding entry). Instead, you can install the Internet
Explorer Developer Toolbar (IEDT).
h e URL for the IEDT is one of those classically indecipherable Microsot URLs, so go to your
favorite search engine (use Google for extra irony) and type Internet Explorer Developer
Toolbar . It should be the i rst result. Go ahead and install it if you're using IE7. h e IEDT
doesn't work in IE8; we'll get to what IE8 of ers in a moment.
Once you've gone through the installation, you go to the Tools menu in the far upper-right
corner of the browser chrome near the Pages menu (see Figure 1-16), not the Tools menu
over toward the let between Favorites and Help. In that menu, choose Toolbars, then
Explorer Bar, and then (at last!) IE Developer Toolbar.
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