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One word of warning: When you're inspecting an element's CSS in the Style tab, you will not
see any pseudo-element-driven rules that af ect that element. As an example, if you have a
rule using the selector p:first-letter , that rule won't appear when you're inspecting a p
element. Pseudo-classes will show up, but pseudo-elements won't. h is can be especially
challenging if you're using a cleari x solution that involves generated content (see “Cleari xing,”
in Chapter 4, for more).
If you aren't using Firefox for development but want to get Firebug's essential goodness, go to (shown in Figure 1-9) and follow the instructions for
enabling it in Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari, as i ts your situation. You can link it into a
page that you're testing, or add it to your bookmark bar as a bookmarklet (which I
Figure 1-9: Firebug Lite running in Internet Explorer.
h is version of Firebug isn't as full-featured as the Firefox extension—thus the “Lite”
moniker—but it's still quite powerful and useful.
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