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h is one's an oldie but a goldie, if I do say so myself (and I do). h is is what's known as the
“complexspiral demo,” because that's what I called it when I created it back in 2001. Even
though its primary use case has been eclipsed by translucent PNGs and RGBa colors, there's
still some life let in the old battle-axe.
To make this one work, you need a minimum of two background images (see Figure 5-1).
Figure 5-1: The two images to be used.
h en you're going to assign one to the body background, and one to the background of a div
that contains most of the page's content (see Figure 5-2). Here's the CSS and skeleton HTML.
body { background : white url(shell.jpg) top left no-repeat fixed ;}
div#main { background : white url(shell-rippled.jpg) top left no-repeat fixed ;}
< body>
< div id="main">
( ...content...)
</ div>
</ body>
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