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Figure 4-20: Filling in column colors.
h e technique can of course support as many columns as you like; just set up the background
properly and you're good to go.
h is is all great if you're using pixel-width layouts, of course, and many people do. h ere are
potential problems with doing so, but many of them are obviated by “page zoom” in modern
browsers. Not all, though: If a user has a browser window narrower than your overall layout,
then they'll get a horizontal scrollbar. Conversely, if they come in with a browser window
much wider than your layout, there will be a ton of empty space on the side(s) of the design.
h ose possibilities may not matter to you, but they're worth considering.
If you want a faux-column-like technique for liquid layouts, then the next section is for you.
Suppose you want to stretch column separators or backgrounds to be of equal height, but your
layout is liquid. In that case, Liquid Bleach is for you. h is multicolumn layout technique was
jointly developed by Doug Bowman (of Sliding Doors fame) and Eric Meyer (who?) in late
2004, and gets its name from its support for liquid layouts and the name of Doug Bowman's
blog theme (“Bleach”) at the time it was developed.
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