Graphics Programs Reference
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h e most popular IR technique is known variously as the Phark or Rundle Method. (How
popular? People made T-shirts about it.) Basically, what you do is sling the text way of to the
let with negative text indentation.
h1 { height : 140px ; text-indent : -9999px ;
background : url(page-header.gif) ;}
Figure 3-9: A heading using image replacement.
h is is in many ways similar to the trick of using absolute positioning to hide an entire
element well of -screen. Here, instead, we hide the element's text content well of -screen
without actually moving the element box anywhere.
In print, background images are almost never printed. h e option to do so exists, but the
default is to not print backgrounds, and almost nobody ever changes it. h us, in a print style
sheet (see the next section for more details), you can simply say:
h1 { text-indent : 0 ; background : none ;}
h e background: none is really only a precaution—almost nobody ever has background
printing enabled. Still, just in case they do, this will prevent the h1 text from printing over the
background image.
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