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k y
k x
Back scattered data
Forward scattered data
Figure 5.1 Spatial frequency space or k -space map showing that the forward scattered field data lies close
to the origin and backscattered data lies furthest from the origin assuming that the target is illuminated from the
- x direction.
Green's function, which for this (and most) cases is assumed to be Green's
function for free space (Chew, 1995; Lin and Fiddy, 1990). It is this assumption
that also leads to the Fourier transform relationship being exploited as seen
elsewhere in this text on the discussion on the Born approximation. However,
as mentioned above, the back propagation step generates a field distribution in
k y
k ( r inc - r sct )
limiting circle
- k r sct
- k r inc
k x
2 k
2 k
Ewald circle
Figure 5.2 Fourier space ( k -space) of the object as a result of interaction of different incident plane waves
with scattering object. The direction of the incident field r inc and the direction r sct of a particular plane wave compo-
nent of the scattered field define a point at the Ewald circle. Changing incident field directions r inc fills the interior
of Ewald limiting circle.
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