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If the factor “κ” can be found that is close to 1/ R ′ and 〈Ψ inc 〉 is a close approxi-
mation to 〈Ψ〉, then improvement in the resulting reconstructed image can be
This is what was implemented in the MATLAB ® code for both the combined
source method and the independent source processing method combined in
the cepstrum domain. The effect on the combined source method was observed
first It appears that with a weighting factor of about 4, the reconstructed image
does seem to fill more of the original target boundary. Examples of this are
shown in Tables 10.7 and 10.8. The independent source method was observed
table 10.7 A Comparison of Reconstructed Images for Triangle Targets with
Dimensions of 3λ Using the Combined Source Cepstrum Filtering of the Born Images
f for Three Different Permittivity Values
Reconstructed image by Processing combined sources in the Fourier Domain and then
Filtered in the cepstrum Domain
ε r
no subtraction
subtracting 0.4 × Ψ inc
Note: These images compare the results of subtracting the cepstrum version of the incident field times a weight-
ing factor of 0.4 ( 0.4 × Ψ inc ).
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