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Limitations on files. Some free, or cheap, web hosts might only allow small files
to be uploaded. If you are going to create a nice page, you will want to have freedom
to upload whatever files you like.
Back-end. If you are going to get right into the world of coding websites with
HTML5, you will want to be able to use Perl or PHP, at least.
Reliability. This is one of the most important parts of any web host. If you want
lots of visitors to go to your website, you had better make sure that they can access
the pages quickly, and at any time. If you choose a cheap web host, you might ex-
perience a lot of down time, or find that your pages just load slowly.
Customer support. This is very important for people who are operating a busi-
ness, or a professional website. Find a web host with great technical support. That
way, if something does go wrong with your website, they will be able to quickly
help you. There is nothing worse than having your website crash, only to be given a
week-long runaround by support.
Control panel. Different web hosts will have their own names for this. However,
they all basically allow you to change things about your website, as with a control
panel on a computer. You want a control panel that lets you use your email, add files,
delete files, move them around, and change your account passwords. If you don't
have access to all of the important things through a web host's control panel, you
might be stuck asking their technical team to change things for you all the time.
Email services. Many paid web hosts offer emails with their plans. This will
give you the option of having emails with your own domain as the suffix. For ex-
ample, you could have “”. This looks much better than using a
Gmail or Hotmail email address, especially for a business.
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