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Do You Need a Degree?
When many people start to think about learning HTML and website design, they often won-
der if they need to go to college. Yes, you can learn an awful lot if you attend university.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out higher education, and getting yourself
some proper certification. However, you can still become a great web designer without it.
Keep in mind that many employers will look to see if applicants do have college certific-
ation. After all, that is one of the few ways for them to know if you have actually learned
everything that you need to know. Unless you can somehow show them everything that you
can do, and all of the knowledge that is floating around inside your brain — you might find
it tough to get yourself a good job in this field. You might think it's “stupid” to need a “piece
of paper”, but that's life.
If you would rather create your own path, and do things at a pace that suits you, the Internet
is the best place to learn more about HTML5 and web design. You have already taken the
first important step, by reading this guide. Next, you should seek out more knowledge, and
go through every tutorial that you can get your hands on. The best way to learn (if you
choose not to go to college) is to do for yourself, and absorb information as you go.
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