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Incomplete Process Transition
R ELATED ANTIPATTERNS : Analysis paralysis. New teams without complete
education or experienced leadership can overanalyze solutions to the point
of stagnation.
D ESCRIPTION : Many never enjoy the full benefits of object-oriented tech-
nologies and iterative processes because they fail to make a full transition
to the new development process.
M OST FREQUENT SCALE : Application or enterprise.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION NAME : Education, Leadership.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION : Obtain additional education, be
certain that sufficient experience and leadership is on the staff, and make
sure that each document contributes to bottom-line quality. Exercise care
when managing the iterations.
T YPICAL CAUSES : A company or organization might be interested in the
benefits of object technologies but unwilling to pay the price.
A NECDOTAL EVIDENCE : “We seem to be chasing our tails.” “I just don't
get it.”
S YMPTOMS , CONSEQUENCES : Teams iterate over a problem well beyond
the schedule constraints, especially in the analysis phase (called analysis
paralysis). Projects run over budget as frequently as before. Neutral or
negative quality results are also indicators. Maintenance times are not
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