Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Metz, Cade, “Performance Primer: Gone in 4 Seconds,” in PC Magazine :
February 20, 2001.
Link: http: // / ecommerce / stories / main /
Monson-Haefel, Richard, Enterprise Java Beans , Cambridge, Mass.: O'Reilly &
Associates, Inc., 2000.
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Weiss, Design and Implement Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs for WebSphere, Armock,
N.Y.: IBM Redbooks, 2000.
Link: http: // / abstracts / sg245754.html.
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Addison-Wesley, 1998.
Sharma, Rahul, J2EE Connector Architecture , Sun Microsystems, Inc., at http: // / j2ee / connector / .
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Approach , New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1996.
Singh, Amandeep, “Implementing Read / Write Locks in Java,” self-published.
Link: http: // / technical / rwlocks.html.
Su n Microsystems, Inc., The Java Programming Reference at http: // devel- / developer / infodocs / ?frontpage-main#docs.
Williams, Kevin. XML for Data: Four Tips for a Smart Architecture , on
IBM developerWorks, August 2001.
Link: http: // / developerworks / xml / library / x-xdtips.html.
Additional references by subject
This group of books represents many of the industry standard books for Java
design, refactoring, performance, and standards. Some, like Design Patterns or
Refactoring , provide blinding flashes of insight and clarity. Others, like Core
J2EE Patterns , are clean and practical. In every case, the source communicates
something important to the technologies and disciplines that provide a founda-
tion for this topic.
Design patterns and refactoring
Crupi, John, Dan Malks, and Deepak Alur, Core J2EE Patterns : Best Practices and
Design Stratgeies , Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2001.
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