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My goal for Bitter Java is to provide a book that informs and communicates in
clear, understandable language. For this reason, many of the topics and articles
that I consulted provide interesting angles to old ideas. Some of the topics and
articles helped me shape ideas , while others provided new language that worked
in this forum. Many antipatterns, after all, are not yet named. Still other sources
provided organizational insight.
Among the sources I've listed are some of the standards in the industry, as
well as some relatively unknown sources. Some that you might not have seen
before are Eric Allen's bug pattern on the Split Cleaner (part of a perceptive
series on bug patterns on developerWorks); Michael Conner, et al.'s article on
caching of dynamic content; and a well-executed book on the command pattern
for a specific architecture, by Joaquin Picon. Some of my favorites are on this list,
including Skip McCormick, et al.'s AntiPatterns , which keeps some tedious top-
ics fun to read; Kent Beck's book on extreme programming, which takes a neces-
sary step back toward simplicity; and Walker Royce's Software Project
Management , which has shaped many of my ideas about managing iterative
Links are provided for convenience. All were tested before the topic
was published, but may not remain current.
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