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R EFACTORED SOLUTION NAME : Workload Management.
S OLUTION ALSO KNOWN AS : Even Load Balancing.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION : True load-balancing dispatchers
help. Partitioning larger jobs into smaller ones can even out a workload,
and the specialization of certain servers to handle longer jobs can produce
significant benefits.
T YPICAL CAUSES : Dynamic content is much more uneven. When the same
primitive techniques are used to balance static and dynamic jobs, uneven
distribution of work can be the result. In addition, if odd long jobs are
treated the same as other jobs, they'll throw off round-robin load-balanc-
ing schemes.
S YMPTOMS , CONSEQUENCES : Sporadic performance and inconsistent per-
formance across identically configured servers are the most common
S OLUTION ALTERNATIVES : Server consolidation to a single high-powered
server eliminates this problem completely, at the price of convenient
Chaotic Session State Management
D ESCRIPTION : Certain state management techniques with distributed
architectures have different strengths and weaknesses. Some alternatives
include dispatching with session affinity, distributed state management,
stateful session bean state management, and entity bean state manage-
ment. These techniques can easily be misapplied.
M OST FREQUENT SCALE : Enterprise. In many cases, an enterprise imple-
mentation will dictate an approach.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION NAME : Correct Choice of Technique.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION : Choose the right tool for the job.
Understand the problem domain and the technologies that will be applied
to the problem.
R OOT CAUSES : Ignorance.
S YMPTOMS , CONSEQUENCES : Improper choice of technique can result in
poor performance, difficult application maintenance, and difficult
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