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A LTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS : Other layers, like relational mappers, can
automatically manage entity beans with complex relationships.
Everything Is an EJB
R ELATED ANTIPATTERNS : The Golden Hammer, in AntiPatterns .
D ESCRIPTION : This is the generic form of the Round Bean in a Square
Hole antipattern. If a problem is not well suited, an EJB solution is likely
to be too difficult or poorly performing.
M OST FREQUENT SCALE : Micro-architecture.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION NAME : Apply EJB s Appropriately.
R EFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION : EJB s should be used only where
they provide significant value, and the problem domain has complexity
that warrants a distributed, transactional architecture. See the section
“Everything Is an EJB ” for more details.
R OOT CAUSES : Inexperience or apathy.
S YMPTOMS , CONSEQUENCES : Using entity beans for everything is too
heavy-handed, and has common performance consequences.
A LTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS : Simpler, lower-level technologies such as
JDBC and servlets can work.
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