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<entity id="Board">
Here, we see the class names for the home, remote, bean class ( ejb-class ),
EJB entity bean persistence type, and the primary key defined for Board .
<cmp-field id="Board_name">
<env-entry id="EnvEntry_1">
<env-entry-value> iiop://localhost:900
The Board description is one of the fields that we specified in our interface,
followed by information that the detailed environment might need to manage
the bean, such as properties and types. We have several similar fields and envi-
ronment entries, which we've removed here for brevity. The full version is
available at http: //
<session id="BoardManager">
Here, we have an entry for a session bean, which is the facade that we'll use in
the refactoring exercise. A facade is a new interface layer that we'll place
between the EJB client and server. Because it isn't an entity bean, there will
be no fields or primary keys. We do have tags for the home, remote, and
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