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Figure 3-8. Abstract controller class diagram
As shown in Figure 3-8, the AbstractController class implements the Controller
interface and defines a well-defined workflow that can be used by the subclasses. This
class implements the template method design pattern (GOF) to define a fixed workflow
with suitable extension hooks to alter the workflow. The sequence diagram shown in
Figure 3-9 illustrates the workflow defined by this class.
Figure 3-9. Abstract controller sequence diagram
The handler adapter invokes the handleRequest method to trigger the workflow. The
checkAndPrepare method is then invoked on the superclass WebContentGenerator to per-
form the following activities:
1. Inspect whether the HTTP method for this request is supported. This can be used
to block unwanted HTTP method requests such as DELETE . It can be used for
access to some read-only resources such as help pages by supporting GET requests.
2. Check whether an HTTP session is already started. This is can be useful if the
application needs some data already stored in the session before carrying out
further processing.
3. Set hints for the clients with the cache duration of the final response sent by the
dispatcher servlet.
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