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The jPetStore Application
The jPetStore sample (under the folder jpetstore) is based on the jPetStore sample created by Clinton
Begin for iBATIS. As far as sample applications go, this one is huge. It contains a full DAO layer, created
using Spring and iBATIS, with implementations for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and
PostgreSQL. The business tier is fully Spring managed, and coupled with the DAO layer, it presents a
good example of Spring-managed transactions.
Also included with this application is a solid example of how to use both Spring MVC and Struts.
This application also highlights how to use Spring remoting using JAXRPC.
Spring MVC is covered in Chapter 17, iBATIS (MyBatis) is covered in Chapter 11, and Spring
remoting is covered in Chapter 16.
Spring Configuration Basic Application
The configuration-basic project (under the folder configuration-basic) demonstrates how to define
Spring's application configuration using Java classes, which is a new feature starting with Spring 3.0. In
the project, there are no XML files; all the Spring-related configuration is declared in a Java class
( with various annotations.
Spring configuration using Java classes is covered in Chapter 5.
Spring Task and Scheduling Application
The task-basic project (under the folder task-basic) demonstrates the use of Spring's task executor and
scheduling support.
Spring's scheduling support will be covered in Chapter 15.
The Spring MVC Showcase Application
The Spring MVC Showcase project (under the folder spring-mvc-showcase) demonstrates the capabilities
of the Spring MVC Web Framework through a number of small and simple samples. It was built upon
Spring MVC 3 and showcases major Spring MVC 3 features such as the following:
The use of the @Controller annotation to declare Spring MVC controllers
Mapping request, obtaining request data, and generating response
Message converters and view rendering
Forms, type validation, file upload, and exception handling
We cover Spring MVC in detail in Chapter 17.
Note Unlike other Spring sample projects, the spring-mvc-showcase project is hosted at GitHub
(, which is a very popular social-coding web site. To obtain the source code from GitHub, first get
the Git tool ( After Git is installed, issue the following command to clone the project
repository from GitHub to your desktop: git clone
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