Windows Media Player keyboard shortcuts (Windows 7)

Most features and buttons in Windows Media Player are also accessible using the keyboard. The Player provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts for the more commonly used commands and buttons for controlling the Player. The following table shows the various keyboard shortcuts for the Player.


• Some keyboard shortcuts only work when the Player is in a certain mode or when you play certain media types. For example, the shortcuts for changing the video size only work when you are viewing videos or pictures in Now Playing mode.

To do this Use this keyboard shortcut
Video size 50% Alt+1
Video size 100% Alt+2
Video size 200% Alt+3
Toggle display for full-screen video Alt+Enter
Retrace your steps back through your most recent views in the
Alt+Left Arrow
Retrace your steps forward through your most recent views in the Player Alt+Right Arrow
Switch to Player Library Ctrl+1
Switch to skin mode Ctrl+2
Switch to Now Playing mode Ctrl+3
Add to play list Ctrl+7
Add to burn list Ctrl+8
Add to sync list Ctrl+9
Previous (item or topic) Ctrl+B
In the Player Library, put the cursor in the search box Ctrl+E
Next (item or topic) Ctrl+F
Turn shuffle on or off Ctrl+H
Eject CD or DVD (this doesn’t work on computers equipped with
two or more CD or DVD disc drives)
In the Player Library, show or hide the menu bar Ctrl+M
Create a new playlist Ctrl+N
Open a file Ctrl+O
Play or pause playing Ctrl+P
Stop playing Ctrl+S
Turn repeat on or off Ctrl+T
Specify a URL or path to a file Ctrl+U
Close or stop playing a file Ctrl+W
Restart video Ctrl+Shift+B
Turn captions and subtitles on or off Ctrl+Shift+C
Fast-forward through video or music Ctrl+Shift+F
Use a fast play speed Ctrl+Shift+G
Play at normal speed Ctrl+Shift+N
Use a slow play speed Ctrl+Shift+S
Display Windows Media Player Help F1
Edit media information on a selected item in the Player Library F2
Switch the view of items in the details pane F4
Increase the size of album art F6
Decrease the size of album art Shift+F6
Mute the volume F7
Decrease the volume F8
Increase the volume F9


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