Icons Used in This Topic (VOIP)

Throughout this topic, I occasionally use icons to call attention to material worth noting in a special way. Here is a list of the icons, along with a description of each.
If you see a tip icon, perk up! You’re about to find out how to save time, money, or effort. These are the nuggets that, when heeded, can make your life simpler.
This icon indicates information that is probably most interesting to those with a technical bent. If you’re responsible for any aspect of the company network or feel comfortable hacking it alone at home on broadband, you’ll have no problem breezing through information marked in this manner.
Some points bear repeating, and others bear remembering. When you see this icon, take special note of what you’re about to read.
How many times have you heard the phrase buyer beware? In paying for traditional telephony and VoIP networks, most concerns revolve around cost and quality of service. When you see this icon, your life won’t be in danger, but you will want to pay attention to the “gotcha” that this icon undoubtedly marks.

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