Preparing Your Network for VoIP

In This Topic

^ Figuring out your current call needs
^ Choosing your touch-tone technology
^ Faxing with new technologies
^ Performing initial LAN tests
^ Looking in to VoIP design basics and network analysis
^ Considering a couple of VoIP calling tricks
This topic presents a testing regime that you can use to prequalify your LAN for VoIP traffic, as well as solid background on the telecom features for which VoIP isn’t natively designed.
topic 5 covers the design and management techniques of most networks and defines some of the helpful tools and system limitations that can affect a LAN. You can use the information in that topic as a solid base to define your LAN’s overall environment. This topic builds on that information by applying it directly to your LAN.
Industry estimates identify a 50-percent chance of a failed VoIP deployment if you don’t go through the prequalification phase. Out of all the successfully deployed VoIP networks that ignored pretesting, 60 percent report monthly service disruptions, and nearly two-thirds of those disruptions impact the businesses financially. The information in this topic gives you the edge to prevent becoming a part of those statistics.

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