Foolish Assumptions (VoIP Deployment)

I wrote this topic assuming that you’re interested in VoIP and had some experience with telephony or programming. I didn’t assume that you had any extensive training in VoIP or any VoIP-supported field (such as telecom, LAN design, or software development). It is reasonable that some readers will have extensive backgrounds in one or another aspect of these supporting disciplines, but there will always be one part where you’re weaker.
For years, telecom has been divided into two camps, with the data people in one realm, and the voice people in the other. Very few people learned both disciplines, and as such, the people migrating to VoIP are coming from on or the other side of the fence. They bring with them their specific strengths, but also their weaknesses from not knowing the other realm of telecom.
I do assume that if you are using Asterisk or any other open source software running on Linux that you have some basic knowledge of the operating software. If you need to learn more about Linux, I recommend other For topics such as Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 For topic, by Jon Hall and Paul G. Sery.
If you’re a programmer or are jumping in to VoIP with experience in LAN design or networking, I recommend my first topic, Telecom For topic as a basic primer for the telecom industry. It covers all aspects of telecom ordering and provisioning and is a wealth of information on troubleshooting all varieties of standard telephony problems that are not covered in this topic.

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