About This Topic (VoIP Deployment)

VoIP Deployment For topic is unlike any other topic on the market covering any aspect of VoIP. I designed the contents of it to continually answer the question “Why does this matter to me?” If the subject didn’t matter, it was removed. More importantly, I looked to find the things in VoIP that had a direct impact on me. I looked at all of the times I was frustrated with VoIP and pulled apart, both why I was frustrated and what information I needed to know to resolve the problem. If I didn’t know that Wireshark existed, or how to filter a capture or read the SIP with Wireshark, I’m sure there were a lot more people out there with the same problem.
I read every topic on SIP, VoIP, and Wireshark I could, and even within the thousands of pages available on the subject, there were still huge gulfs of information that were missing. The day-to-day things like DTMF tones and faxes seemed to be absent, as well as information about the VoIP market and its structure.
This topic covers everything you need to know about VoIP. It’s relayed in a logical, and down-to-Earth style where you won’t feel like you’ve gotten yourself in over your head. Once you know everything in this topic, feel free to continue your education with other sources, but what’s in here is a solid base from which you can understand the totality of VoIP.

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