STORING DRIED HERBS (Vegetable Gardening)

As soon as the leaves are dry, store herbs whole in labeled, airtight containers in a dark, cool, dry place. Coffee cans lined with a plastic bag or tinted glass containers are best, since they keep out light. Don’t crush the leaves until you’re ready to use them, because whole herbs hold their flavor the longest. During the first week after drying, check the herbs to be sure they’re completely dry. If you notice any moisture at all, dry the leaves a little longer.
You can keep dried herbs up to a year, if they’re stored properly in a dark, cool, dry place. If your storage area is too warm, the leaves will begin to lose flavor. If the area is too moist, the herbs may cake, change color, or spoil. Always remember to close the containers tightly after each use to prevent the loss of the volatile oils which are what make herbs so flavorful.
If you want to verify the freshness of herbs you’ve been storing for some time, rub a leaf between your palms. If the herb is still potent, strong aroma will be released. If there’s little or no fragrance released, the flavor has faded, and you’ll need to put up a fresh supply.

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