HOW TO FREEZE HERBS (Vegetable Gardening)

Freezing is a quick way to preserve herbs that will be , used in cooked dishes. Since herbs become dark and limp during freezing, they can’t be used as garnishes — but their flavor remains just as good as fresh. You can chop herbs before freezing, or freeze sprigs and then just snip them, right from the freezer, into the food you’re cooking.
Frozen herbs will keep for several months. If you want to store herbs for longer periods, dry them instead.
To freeze herbs, follow these step-by-step procedures:
1. Have ready a knife or scissors, paper towels, plastic bags, freezer wrap or boilable pouches, cardboard, freezer container or envelope, and labels.
2. Pick fresh, perfect herb sprigs or leaves. Wash them well, then drain and pat them dry with paper towels.
3. Pack recipe-size amounts in small plastic bags or packets made from plastic wrap, freezer
Freeze small amounts of herbs in individual plastic packets and staple them to a piece of cardboard. Label the packets and seal well paper or foil, or pack in boilable pouches. Seal well.
4. Staple these individual packets to a piece of cardboard, label the cardboard, and then freeze. Or pack several packets in a freezer container, large envelope, or plastic bag. Seal, label, and freeze.
5, For bouquet garni: Tie together several sprigs of different herbs — parsley, bay leaf, and thyme, for example — and pack as above. When you’re ready to use it, add the whole bouquet to the recipe.

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