The Reaction Research Society (Rocket Motor)

An encouraging spin-off of the rapidly growing interest in high power rocketry has been a renewed interest in the truly advanced forms of the hobby, as embodied by the Reaction Research Society. Founded in 1942. the RRS has grown in recent years from a couple dozen members to about 250. It is based in Los Angeles. CA. and maintains a 40 acre test facility and launch site in the Mojave Desert just north of Edwards Air Force Base. At last count, seven members were building large, liquid fuel rockets.
As a group they are currently building a second block house on the property and they recently poured the concrete foundation for the equipment that will be used to test a 10.000-pound-thrust liquid fuel motor currently under construction. If an amateur satellite is ever placed in orbit, these people may well be the ones who do it. If you’d like to get involved in some truly advanced and exciting projects, you should definitely contact The Reaction Research Society They maintain a website on the Internet at and their mailing address is Reaction Research Society, P.O. Box 90306, World Way Postal Center, Los Angeles, CA 90009. Their current president. Crisalli. tells me that they’ve maintained this box for the past 20 years, and have no intention of letting it go. Should that ever change, you can also locate them through the Kern County Firemarshal’s Office, currently at 5642 Victor St., Bakersfield, CA 93308.

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