FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT! Do not add or substitute other chemicals either to-or-for the chemicals described in this topic! Specifically do NOT use POTASSIUM CHLORATE, SODIUM CHLORATE, POTASSIUM PERCHLORATE, SODIUM PERCHLORATE, POTASSIUM PERMANGA?nJ-ATE, AMMONIUM PERCHLORATE, PHOSPHOROUS, MATCH HEADS, ALUMINUM, MAGNESIUM, or ANY METALS AT ALL! All of these substances will form DANGEROUS and EXPLOSIVE mixtures when combined with the other ingredients described herein, AND OTHER CHEMICALS WILL FORM DANGEROUS MIXTURES AS WELL. When mixing or handling propellants, be sure to ground yourself and all containers and utensils according to the instructions on page 14.
If you decide to experiment on your own outside the bounds of the instructions provided in this topic, consult with a professional chemist before you begin.

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