Can I Sell the Rocket Motors that I Make?

You can sel I the rocket motors that you make only with the proper licenses. To do otherwise violates both Federal and State laws, and the penalties for breaking these laws are severe. If you want to sell your rocket motors, you must contact the Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco, and Firearms in Washington D.C.. and your own State Firemarshal’s office. They can explain to you the procedures that you need to follow to become a legitimate, licensed manufacturer of either model rocket engines or high power rocket motors. The business of making and selling rocket motors is interesting, and you don’t need expensive equipment or a degree in rocket engineering to be successful. You can start with simple hand tools, and learn as you go. The fact is that, as of this writing, at least three currently successful rocket motor companies were started as small part time businesses b\ people with no formal education in chemistry or engineering.
From time to time there have been suggestions from within the industry that licensing and motor certification be made more difficult. Predictably, the people promoting these ideas say that they are concerned about “safety”. But it’s worth noting here that if licensing and certification were made costly to new competitors, the market position of the already-established businesses would be strengthened. Competition raaj be hard on the individual manufacturers, but it’s good for the hobby as a whole. Since 1991 the natural competition within the industry has resulted in at least one completely new motor technology, and a flood of interesting new motor designs.

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