ZETAHEAL (Religious Movement)

Founder: Prophetess Lehem

A new religious movement Zetaheal founded in 1975. Prophetess Lehem, the founder, was originally known as Comfort Narh, and was once a dressmaker in a garment factory in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Her father was the custodian of a traditional religious shrine in old Ningo, in the Eastern Region. In 1975 she was possessed by angels who revealed her actual identity and announced her mission in the world. Her real name was said to be Lehem. She pre-existed as an angel in heaven. She is in the world as the link between the earth and a group of angels who, out of compassion, have sought permission from God to act to save the world from imminent catastrophe. She possesses a special soul, which is so pure that it enables her to be possessed by the rest of the angels and other spirits for various purposes, especially, consultation of spirits.

Like the name Lehem, Zetaheal is of heavenly origin. It means, ‘Lean on God and he will save you’. The stated-mission of the movement is twofold: to heal the world of religious conflicts and sectarianism; and to restore truth to the world.

Generally, Zetaheal seeks to promote religious tolerance; it is specifically concerned about the unity of Christians and Muslims. According to God With Us, the revealed sacred book of the movement, ‘The division between Muslims and Christians is the work of Satan’. Jesus and Muhammad are together in ‘the spirit’ and they feel sad when their followers fight each other. Zetaheal has come to restore the Children of Abraham to unity in one house. This is captured in the words of one of their most popular hymns:

Zetaheal is the family house of Father Abraham. Christians and Muslims, come, Lets us unite to worship God Let us cast Satan aside.

Zetaheal seeks to unite the two traditions in such a way that a member of the movement is both a Muslim and a Christian.

In keeping with its stated mission to restore truth to the world, Zetaheal seeks to reform doctrines and practices of both Christianity and Islam, which, from its point of view, are distortions, or misinterpretations of scriptures. It denies the divinity and uniqueness of Jesus, saying, he is the Son of God ‘just as you are all children of God’. Zetaheal teaches that it is the ultimate apostasy for orthodox Christianity to interpret the crucifixion as part of God’s plan of salvation. The killing of Jesus was a mistake and not part of the plan of God concerning the coming of Jesus into the world. God With Us declares, ‘In this world you say with conviction that Jesus came to die for you. It is an erroneous thought; a grievous wrong for which you must pray for forgiveness.’

Zetaheal has revealed the actual dates of Christ’s birth and the Crucifixion. Christmas must be celebrated on 14 November and the death of Jesus on 11 April. Strict annual observance of these dates by humankind will result in special blessings for the world.

Zetaheal also teaches that monogamy is the norm in Islam for all times and in all circumstances. The Prophet Muhammad had no conjugal relationship with the women he took to his home as wives. He only protected and provided for them. Sexual intercourse at any time in the month of Ramadan defiles the believer and offends the angels who visit in the night to carry prayers to God. So it must be avoided.

Salvation in Zetaheal, is through the mediation of prophetess Lehem who is described as the ‘Messiah unto humankind’, the ‘Mediator between man and God’ the ‘Centre of Creation’ and the ‘Torchbearer of the New Age’. The movement’s scripture says of her, ‘Truly, the human being is in need of forgiveness. If a woman caused the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden, then naturally, it is expected that a woman will stand in to ask for pardon and repave the way for humanity.’ The legitimacy of Lehem’s position is based on the claim that she herself is a kinswoman, a close relative of Jesus. The manifestation of angels in her ministry and the miracles she performs are supposed to authenticate her claim to messiaship

Zetaheal worship combines Islam and Christian elements with some African traditional religious practices. A priest and an imam jointly lead services. In addition to the celebration of Christmas and Christ’s death, Zetaheal also celebrates all the Islamic feasts. Her members may also join in the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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