MONTGOMERY, RUTH (b. 1913; d. 2001) (Religious Movement)

Journalist and New Age author

Ruth Montgomery, a former White House correspondent, discovered the gift of automatic writing and became a prolific author of spiritual books. Her 1966 bestseller A Search For The Truth launched her career in alternative spirituality and her eventual acknowledgement as The First Lady of the Psychic World’. Influenced by Nostradamus, Levi Dowling, Arthur Ford, Edgar Cayce, and Hugh Lynn Cayce, her central ‘spirit message’ is an insistence on oneness with God and our unlimited inner capacity. The fuel for soul advance depends on the good one does during his/her terrestrial existence.

Montgomery denies the reality of death and places a strong emphasis on the efficaciousness of prayer as a psychic experience similar to meditation and dreams. She also accepts the notion of reincarnation or a succession of terrestrial lifetimes all designed and chosen to encourage ‘spiritual progress’. In fundamentals, this is a gnostic position in which each created entity or person, despite the obstacles, seeks re-union with its ‘Maker’. However, Montgomery interprets her psychic worldview within a decidedly Christian and biblical framework. In the soul’s quest for eternal truth and ‘Oneness with God’, she argues, the material has no importance and physical incarnation represents only a minor segment of in the soul’s millennia-long ascent. However, in expressing a common New Age sentiment that physical hardship and deformity are ‘chosen’ by those who suffer from them in order to progress their souls more rapidly, Montgomery has received criticism.

Among her fifteen publications, including Here and Hereafter, A World Beyond, Born to Heal, Companions Along the Way, The World Before, Strangers Among Us, Threshold to Tomorrow, Aliens Among Us, Ruth Montgomery: Herald ofthe New Age, and her 1999 World To Come: The Guides’ Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age, Montgomery explores the compatibility of Christianity and Judaism with Eastern philosophy, the therapeutic value of understanding past lives, post-mortem existence in the astral plane, co-creation, earth changes in the coming planetary axis shift, magnetic healing, Lemuria/Mu and Atlantis, extraterrestrial space visitors, the intergalactic universefederation, Walk-ins, and the millennialist conformity of the New Age transition with the apocalypse of the Book of Revelations.

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