Introduction To Personal Computer

Say hello to the nearly all-new 12th edition of PCs For topic!
This topic was written just for you, someone who doesn’t want to turn into a computer nerd or fall in love with computers or technology. No, this topic was written because something complex and mysterious, like a computer.
Computers are now commodity items, tossed into a big-box store along with the toaster ovens and plasma TVs. The PC is a commodity, yet it’s not any easier to use than it was a decade ago. The cheerful person in the store can’t help you. There’s no computer manual. And that toll-free phone number they gave you connects you with a foreigner who reads you a script in heavily accented English. Obviously, a topic like this one is more than needed — it’s a necessity.
This topic helps restore your confidence by explaining how computers work in a manner that’s simple, easy to understand, and, often, entertaining. Between this topic’s yellow-and-black covers, you’ll find quick, helpful information about using your computer. This topic uses friendly and human — and often irreverent — terms. Nothing is sacred here, and you’ll find no painful jargon or condescending tone. You and your needs are the focus.
The result is that, after reading this topic, the computer, while still a technological marvel, will no longer intimidate you.

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