Objectives of TQM , (Metrology)

It is important to understand that quality^s conformance to requirements and not goodness. It must have strong customer focus.
TQM integrates people, machines -and information to provide customer quality satisfaction at affordable cost.
The system must work on the viols of prevention and not appraisal.
TQM calls for organisation/)? quality activities in conformance with stated quality policies and objectives.
Strong quality mindedness and company wide quality motivation, involvement, commitment, and training/retraining and orientation.
To set aim at zero detect and not approaching to perfection.
Continuous tracking of entire system using feed forward and feedback information with analysis of results and comparison with set targets.
Structure the system to provide linkage between various processes and quality related activities so that audit trail is provided for.
The end aim/should be to judge the price of non-conformance to requirements instead of-quality hidices.

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