Objectives of Metrology

While the basic objective of a measurement is to provide the required accuracy at minimum
cost, metrology would have further objective in a modern engineering plant with different shops
like Tool Room, Machine Shop, Press Shop, Plastic Shop, Pressure Die Casting Shop, Electroplating
and Painting Shop, and Assembly Shop, as also Research, Development and Engineering Depart-
ment. In such an engineering organisation, the further objectives would be as follows :
(a) Thorough evaluation of newly developed products, to ensure that components designed
are within the process and measuring instrument capabilities available in the plant.
(b) To determine the process capabilities and ensure that these are better than the relevant
component tolerances.
(c) To determine the measuring instrument capabilities and ensure that these are adequate
for their respective measurements.
(d) To minimise the cost of inspection by effective and efficient use of available facilities, and
to reduce the cost of rejects and rework through application of Statistical Quality Control Techni-
(e) Standardisation of measuring methods. This is achieved by laying down inspection
methods for any product right at the time when production technology is prepared.
(f) Maintenance of the accuracies of measurement. This is achieved by periodical calibration
of the metrological instruments used in the plant.
(g) Arbitration and solution of problems arising on the shop floor regarding methods of
(h) Preparation of designs for all gauges and special inspection fixtures.

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