Reference Abbreviations (Medicine)

Frequently we will cite the three-letter abbreviation followed by the volume number and the first page of the citation as a shorthand uniquely identifying in the database, CRC Ed. 2, as well as this topic.
(topic and journal abbreviations)
60P Desmarchelier and Witting Schaus (2000)
AAB Arvigo and Balick (1993)
AAR Arndt (1999)
ABS Siquera et al. (1998)
ACN American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
ACT Alternative and Complementary Therapies
AEH DeSmet et al. (1993, 1997)
AEL Leung’s (Chinese) Herb News, followed by number and page (e.g., AEL31:3)
AHP McGuffin et al. (1997)
AJC American Journal of Chinese Medicine
AKT Tillotson et al. (2001)
AMA Alternative Medicine Alert
AOT Tucker et al. (1994)
APA Peirce (1999)
APP Acta Physiologica et Pharmacologica Bulgica ARC Aloe Research Council ATM ATOMS Journal publication
AYL Leung (1980), or Leung’s newsletter when followed by numbers
BIB  (1983)
BGB Blumenthal et al. (2000)
BIS Bisset (1994)
BOI Boik (1995)
BJH British Journal of Haematology (e.g., BJH111:359; 2000, vol. 111, p. 359) BO2 Boik (2001) BOW Brown (2001)
BPCC Biosyn. Prod. Cancer Chemotherapy
BRI Brinker (1998) BRU Bruneton (1999)
CAN Newall, Anderson, and Phillipson (1996)
CEB Erichsen-Brown (1989) CFR Reed (1976)
COX Newmark and Schulick (2000) CRC (1985)
CTD Castner, Timme, and (1998) DAA and Ayensu (1985) DAD  and (1993)
DAV  and Vasquez Martinez (1994)
DAW  and Wain (1991)
DAZ De Lucca and Zalles (1992)
DEM Moerman (1998)
DEP Watt (1889-1892, reprint 1972)
DON Brown (2000)
EB Economic Botany Econ. Bot. Economic Botany
EFS Steinmetz (1957) EJH Hoffman (1999)
EMP Economic & Medicinal Plant Research
FAC Facciola (1998)
FAD Foster and  (1990)
FA2 Foster and  (2000)
FAS Foreign Agriculture Service (of USDA) FAY Foster and Yue (1992)
FEL Felter and Lloyd (1898)
FFJ Flavour and Fragrance Journal FIT Fitoterapia
FLP Flora of Pakistan (USDA PL480 Project)
FNF Father’s Nature’s Farmacy (online database available at,  (1948-1952) GHA Ghazanfar (1994) GMH Grieve (1931)
GMJ Grenand, Moretti, and Jacquemin (1987)
HAD An Herb a Day; by Jim , published in Business of Herbs, and/or Wild Food Forum
HDN Neuwinger (1996)
HDR Herbal Desk Reference; online version under my Medical Botany Syllabus (MBS)
HD1  (2000)
HEG Hegnauer (Chemotaxonomie der Pflanzen), Birkhauser Verlag, multiple volumes HFH Herbs for Health followed by JA July Aug. ’99 (1999)
HG HerbalGram (followed by number without space; e.g., HG17 HerbalGram no. 17)
HHB List and Hohammer (1969-1979)
HH2 Hager’s Handbuch, 2nd ed., Hansel et al.
HH3 Hager’s Handbuch, 3rd ed., Blaschek et al.
HIL Hildegard, translated by Throop, P. (1998)
HOB Hobbs (1996)
HOC Tyler (1994)
HOP  and Atchley (1986)
HOW  (1992)
HOX Ausubel (2000)
IED  (1986)
IHB Burkill (1966)
IJA Indian Journal of Animal Sciences (59, 1989)
IJC International Journal of Cancer Research
IJE Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (29, 1991)
IJI International Journal of Integrative Medicine
IJP Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (52, 1990)
JAC Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
JAD  A personal commentary
JAF Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
JAH Journal of American Herbalist Guild
JAH2 Winston (2001)
JAM Journal of the American Medical Association
JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association JAR International Journal of Aromatherapy JBH Harborne and Baxter (1983)
JBU Aromatherapy: A Place in Herbal Medicine, HerbalGram, Buckle, J. (Ed.) JE Journal of Ethnopharmacology
JFM Morton (1977, 1981) JLH Hartwell (1982)
JLR Journal of Longevity Research JN Journal of Nutrition
JNE Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
JNP Journal of Natural Products
JNS Journal of Nutrition Science, Vitaminol
JNU Joseph, Nadeau, and Underwood (2001)
JPP Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
KAB Kirtikar and Basu (reprint, 1975)
KAP Kapoor (1990)
KCH Huang (1993) KEB Bone (1996)
KOM Blumenthal et al. (1998) (Commission E.)
LAB Lawson and Bauer (1998) LAF Leung and Foster (1995) LAW Koch and Lawson (1996) LEG  (1981)
LEL Lewis and Elvin-Lewis (1977)
LIB Libster (2002)
LIL Living Liqueurs, (1987)
LMP Perry (1980)
LRN Lawrence Review of Natural Products, looseleaf; periodically updated LRNP Lawrence Review of Natural Products, looseleaf; periodically updated M&I Microbiology & Immunology M11 Merck Manual, 11th ed. M12 Merck Manual, 12th ed. M28 Martindales, 28th ed. M29 Martindales, 29th ed. M30 Martindales, 30th ed.
MAB Mills and Bone (1999)
MAD Madaus (1976)
MAM Miller and Murray (1998)
MAP Murray and Pizzorno (1991)
MB Blumenthal, personal communicatrion
MBB Bajracharya (see AKT; Tillotson’s Nepalese Mentor)
MBC Martinez, Bernal, and Caceres (2000)
MIC Micmac Module of online Medical Botany Syllabus
MLM McCaleb, Leigh, and Morien (2000) MPB Mors, Rizzini, and Pereira (2000) MPG Gupta (1995)
MPI Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) (1976, 1987)
NAD Nadkarni (1976)
NH Nature’s Herbs, personal communication, Grant or Rich
NR Nutrition Reviews
NUT  (1989)
OMM Oriental Materia Medica (three volumes by Dr. Hsu and collaborators)
PAM Pizzorno and Murray (1985)
PC Phytochemistry (29, 1990)
PCF Huang, Ho, and Lee (1992)
PDR Physicians’ Desk Reference (Ed. 45, 1991)
PEA Purseglove et al. (1981)
PED Pedersen (1998)
PEP Pakistan Encyclopedia Planta Medica (1986) PFH Bland Food Hum. Nutr., PH2 Gruenwald et al. (2000) PHM Phytomedicine
PHR PDR for Herbal Medicine, 1st ed., Fleming, et al. (1998) PIP Schilcher (1997)
PJB Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine, (vol. 1, no. 1, 1995; since terminated)
PM Planta Medica (56, 1990)
PNC Williamson and Evans (1989)
PR Phytotherapy Research
PS Plant Science (Ireland)
QRNM Quarterly Review of Natural Medicine
RAR Rutter (1990)
RAT Robbers and Tyler (1999) RFW Weiss (1988)
RIN Rinzler (1990)
RYM Roig y Mesa (1928)
SAB Sabinsa (1998)
SAR Schultes and Raffauf (1990)
SAS Tainter and Grenis (1993)
SHB Buhner (2000) SF Foster (1996) SF2 Foster (1998)
SHT Schulz, Hansel, and Tyler (1998)
SKJ Jain (1991)
SKY Lininger et al. (1998)
SN Science News (followed by number and page)
SPI Charalambous (1994) SUW Suwal (1976)
SYN Challem, Berkson, and Smith (2000)
TAD Tucker and Debaggio (2000)
TAN Tanaka (1976)
TGP  (1997)
TIB Kletter and Kriechbaum (2001)
TMA Time-Life (1996)
TOM Crellin and Philpott (1990)
TOX Keeler and Tu (1991)
TRA Germosen-Robineau (1997)
UPW Burkill (1985-2000)
USA USDA’s Ag Handtopic 8 and sequelae
USD USDA’s nomenclature database
VAG Van Wyk and Gericke (2000)
VVG Van Wyk, Van Oudtshoorn, and Gerike (1997)
WAF White et al. (2000)
WAG Wright and Gaby (1999) WAM White and Mavor (1998)
WBB Watt and Breyer-Brandwijk (1962)
WER Werbach (1993)
WHO World Health Organization (1999)
WIC Wichtl (1984)
WOI Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) (1948-1976) WO2 The Wealth of India, revised; three new volumes published (1985-1992) WO3 The Wealth of India, first supplement series (2000)
X As a prefix followed by a big number, a PubMed reference citation (e.g., X123456) YAN Yanovsky (1936)
ZIM Gelfand et al. (1985) ZUL Hutchings et al. (1996)

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