The Nuts and Bolts (or Sticks and String) of Knitting

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The lot of knitting focuses on your fingers; this part of the  topic, however, focuses on your brain. It’s packed with all sorts of stuff you really should know if you want to knit successfully. Whether you’ve just completed your first scarf or you’re returning to the needles after a long separation, there are a few things that you ought to understand to make your knitting projects turn out the way you want them to — and more important, make your knitting experience more pleasurable.
In this part, you find out about all the tools of the trade: the yarn, the needles, and the various other doodads that you may want to buy. I also lay gauge on the line. Knitting the right number of stitches in an inch is what determines the size of your finished piece. Understanding how to measure your gauge accurately (and correct it if it’s off) is one of the most important steps to knitting success. Once you have a solid grasp on gauge, read about measuring yourself and choosing your size. Finally, I do a bit of decoding to reveal the secret language of knitting. Reading patterns and charts can seem like a foreign tongue, but after you master those few key phrases, you’ll be knitting like a seasoned traveler. Reading and understanding the chapters in this part puts you in good stead, not just for the patterns presented in this topic, but for wherever you go with your knitting.

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