Knitting Patterns with Rectangles and Related Shapes

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When I first started thinking about basic designs for  this topic, I, of course, thought of rectangles; they’re the easiest to knit, after all. But what can you do with a rectangle that you’d actually want to knit and would want to wear or use? A bunch, as you find out in this part. Chapters 8 and 9 feature patterns and variations for scarves, wraps, hats, slippers, blankets, pillows, and more. And when I say that they’re all rectangles, I mean it. Brand-new knitters can pull off any of these projects; more experienced knitters will enjoy their ease and versatility. Chapter 10 is full of projects that call for “almost rectangles” — these patterns are just a baby step up. There’s very little shaping to do in these patterns, and even the more complex-looking projects in this chapter are straightforward knits. In fact, with this chapter you can comfortably consider leaving the land of the scarf in favor of a great knit coat or messenger bag. And throughout this part, remember to read through the variations. These may inspire you to move in new directions.

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