Obtaining the JavaFX SDK (Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX)

You can get the JavaFX SDK from Oracles’s JavaFX web site mentioned earlier. Currently you have the choice of downloading the JavaFX SDK, the JavaFX Runtime, and the JavaFX Plugin for NetBeans IDE. To develop JavaFX applications you’ll need the JavaFX SDK. In addition, we recommend that you download the JavaFX Plugin for NetBeans IDE as it contains modules that will help you develop and package JavaFX 2.0 applications. The instructions for the examples in this first topic assume that you have the NetBeans Plugin installed.

Go ahead and download the JavaFX SDK, and the JavaFX Plugin for NetBeans, following the installation instructions. In addition, so that you can compile and run the JavaFX application from the command-line, the JAR file that contains the JavaFX runtime must be on the classpath. The name of this file is jfxrt.jar, and it is located in the rt/lib directory subordinate to the directory in which the JavaFX SDK is installed.

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