Going to the Source: Oracle’s JavaFX Web Site (Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX)

Oracle’s JavaFX.com site is a great resource for seeing example JavaFX programs, downloading the JavaFX SDK and tools, taking tutorials on JavaFX, and linking to other resources. See Figure 1 -2 for a screenshot of this web site.

Oracle's official JavaFX web site

Figure 1-2. Oracle’s official JavaFX web site

In addition, blogs maintained by JavaFX engineers and developers are great resources for up-to-the-minute technical information on JavaFX. For example, Oracle JavaFX Engineers Richard Bair, Jasper Potts, and Jonathan Giles keep the developer community apprised of the latest JavaFX innovations at http://fxexperience.com. In addition, the Resources section at the end of this topic contains the URLs of the blogs that the authors of this topic use to engage the JavaFX developer community.

Take a few minutes to explore these sites. Next we point out some more valuable resources that are helpful.

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