Cafe on the Route & The Little Brick Inn Bed and Breakfast,Baxter Springs, Kansas (Haunted Place)

Cafe on the Route & The Little Brick Inn Bed and Breakfast

1101 Military Avenue (Route 66) Baxter Springs, Kansas 66713

Tel: 1 (620) 856-5646


My wife Debra and I were out driving and exploring and found our way to Baxter Springs, Kansas. Hungry, we found a remarkable restaurant downtown called Cafe on the Route & The Little Brick Inn Bed and Breakfast of Baxter Springs. We had a wonderful meal. The music playing out of the wall speaker was right out of the 1920s era, and the clarinet was a jumping joy to listen to.

The building was once the Crowell Bank, built in 1870. It is said that Jesse James and Cole Younger robbed the bank in 1876. The old building was restored with the lower floor for dining and the upper floor for bed and breakfast guests. My wife and I savored the quietness of the old structure and our lunch. As a sensitive, I could feel other presences in the area, but I saw nothing.

We walked up the wooden staircase to see what the bed and breakfast rooms looked like. I sensed a presence in the first room off to the right of the stairs, but when I pursued it, it evaporated like a soft breeze. Again, I could sense several presences in the upstairs area, but I could not see them.

There was a friendliness about these ghostly presences, a sweetness and kindness that was genuine. I mentally wished them peace, and my wife and I went through each open room and viewed its contents.

It was a nice visit with ghosts. I wonder if those Missouri outlaws, Jesse James and Cole Younger, were among them? It was a memorable meal and a memorable encounter.

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