Tommy Nakajima, 1978 Masters (Golf)

The Japanese professional tried to cut the dogleg of the par-5 No. 13 at Augusta National, but his drive caught a tree and his ball ended up in Rae’s Creek. He took a penalty drop and played a 5-iron down the fairway, leaving himself 100 yards to the green. When his wedge found the creek in front of the green, he tried to hit it out rather than take a drop, but the ball popped straight up and landed on his foot for a two-stroke penalty. Then when he handed the muddy club to his caddie, it slipped from his grasp and fell into the water for another two-stroke penalty for “grounding” a club in a hazard. Lying 9, he hit his next shot over the green and then chipped back on and two-putted for a 13, tying the record for the highest one-hole score in the history of the Masters.
Asked about it later, Nakajima replied, “I don’t like to recall unpleasant occurrences.”

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