Foods of India

barfi: A fudgelike sweet.

biriyani: A layered rice casserole.

chaats: Snack foods, which are usually deep-fried.

chai: Sweet, milky, spiced tea.

chapati: A type of Indian flat bread.

chutneys: Relishes made with fresh fruits and vegetables and spices.

dal: A stewlike dish made with legumes and spices.

Diwali: The Hindu festival of lights.

garam masala: A blend of up to fifteen ground spices widely used in Indian cooking.

ghee: Butter in which all the milk solids have been removed.

kari: An herb commonly used to spice sauces.

kheer: A popular rice pudding.

kormas: Sweet and mild, stewlike dishes.

laapsi: A sweet, porridge-like dish, which is often served at weddings.

masala: Any combination of ground spices.

naan: A flat bread made in a tandoor.

paranthas: Pastry-like flat breads.

pav bhaji: A bread-and-vegetable mixture eaten as a snack.

pooris: Deep-fried flat breads.

raitas: Relishes that blend yogurt with raw vegetables or fruit and spices.

rasam: A soup similar to consomme.

roghan josh: A spicy stew usually made with lamb.

rotis: Flat breads.

tandoor: A clay oven.

tawa: A hot, cast-iron griddle used to cook flat breads.

vindaloo: A spicy, sweet-and-sour, sauced dish.

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