Flight Schools and Training Centers in North America


A & M Aviation

Clow International Airport Bolingbrook, IL ph.: (630) 759-1555 (http://home.att.net/—’flyace/)

Offers airplane and glider pilot certificate courses for private and commercial pilots. Also offers flight instructor certificate. Airplanes and motor gliders available for rent and sale.

Adventure Aviation

Georgetown Municipal Airport

207 Corsair Drive

Georgetown, TX 78628

ph.: (512) 930-41443; fax: (512) 869-7571


In addition to courses for private and commercial pilot certificates, also offers training for airline transport pilot certificate, multiengine rating, and aerobatics and emergency maneuvers.

Aero Precision

Charlotte County Airport 28000 Airport Road, A-18

Punta Gorda, FL 33982

ph.: (941) 575-2300


Courses include certification for recreational, private, and commercial pilots; instrument ratings; certified flight instructors; multiengine ratings; air transport pilots; and aerobatics and tail wheel transition.


Blue Grass Airport Lexington, KY

ph.: (859) 254-8906; fax: (859) 255-3250


Family-owned and managed flight school founded in 1971 with an emphasis on recreational aviation.


Mineral Wells, TX 76068 ph.: (800) 699-2466 (

Offers training for all FAA private and commercial pilot licenses for European pilots; headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

AeroClub International

14592 SW 129 Street

Miami, FL 33186

ph. and fax: (305) 235-0040


Founded in 1962; offers basic courses in both English and Spanish for private and commercial pilot and instrument rating certification.

Aeronautical Services

Charlotte County Airport Building 117, Mooney Avenue P.O. Box 510637

Punta Gorda, FL 33951

ph.: (941) 639-2647; fax: (941) 575-6980 (http://www.asiflight.com/default.htm)

Offers private, professional, and commercial pilot programs; certified flight and certified instructor ratings; instrument rating, commercial single-engine and multi-engine add-ons; airline transport pilot certification; courses on aviation language and for airframe/power plant mechanic.

Aerostadt Flight Academy

One Aero Plaza

Hangar 5, New Century Aircenter

New Century, KS 66031

ph.: (913) 254-9655; fax: (913) 254-0134 ((http://www.airnav.comlairport/IXD/AERQSTADT)

Offers an interactive tutorial (Cessna Computer-Based InstructionKit) to assiststudents preparing forwrittenex-ams that are a part of the private, instrument, and commercial certification programs.


561 Sky Ranch Drive

Petaluma, CA 94954

ph. (707) 778-6767; fax: (707) 778-6314


Offers flight training classes for private and commercial pilots and computer-assisted testing (CATS) for students ready to take any FAA exam.

Ahart Aviation

186 Airway Boulevard

Livermore, CA 94550

ph.: (925) 449-2142; fax: (925) 373-0944


Established in 1985; specializes in flight training and aircraft rental, with courses for private and airline transport pilot certificates, and for flight instructor certificates (both instrument and multiengine).

Air D

P.O. Box 187 Backus, MN 56435

ph.: (218) 947-3100; fax: (218) 947-3967 (http://www.uslink.netkflyairdl)

Operating since 1990; offers training forthe following certificates and ratings: private, instrument, commercial, multi-rating, flight instructor, and flight instructor instrument.

Airline Training Academy

Orlando Executive Airport

83 Nilson Way Orlando, FL 32803

ph.: (407) 894-0030; fax: (407) 894-0705

Specializes in training pilots for commercial airlines.


801 Hanger Lane, Hangar 7

Nashville, TN 32717

ph.: (615) 361-5809 e-mail: airtech@telalink.net

Operating at Nashville International Airport since 1993; offers courses for commercial and private pilot licenses, in addition to instrument and multiengine ratings, and certified flight instructor.

Alaska Float Ratings

Box 4

Moose Pass, AK 99631

ph.: (907) 288-3646; fax: (907) 288-3647


Instruction and training in float planes for mountain and bush flying; two- to three-day program is designed for trained pilots who want to learn float flying, including over steep mountain passes and glaciers.

Albatross Air 380 Airport Circle

Beaver, WV 25813

ph.: (304) 255-2717; fax: (304) 255-3688 (http://www.a1batrossair.com/index.html)

Courses available for recreational, private, commercial, and airline transport pilot certificates and licenses; also offers courses for instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates.

American Flyers

DuPage Airport 3N040 Powis Road West Chicago, IL 600185 ph.: (800) 323-0808


Main office is in Chicago, with many branches located in several states: California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington. Programs include private pilot certification and instrument rating.

American Flying Adventures

14695 Airport Parkway

Clearwater, FL 33762

ph.: (727) 538-2088; fax: (727) 535-6794


Aviation courses for private, commercial, and airline transport pilot licenses. Also offers a course for night rating and a course for pilots with a foreign license to familiarize them with U.S. regulations so they can fly safely in U.S. airspace.

American Flying Club

1811 NW Fifty-first Street, Hangar 42A

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

ph.: (954) 771-1050; fax: (954) 771-6563 (http://www.americanflying.com)

Pilot courses for private and commercial licensing; single and multiengine training offered. Information available in German at Web site.

Austin Academy of Aviation

4309 General Aviation Avenue

Austin, TX 78710

ph.: (512) 385-2880 (http://flyaus.com/index.html)

Courses taught include those for private and commercial pilot licenses; for instrument and certified flight instructor ratings, and for airline transport pilot. Additional training includes instrument proficiency check; complex and high performance sign-offs; and refresher courses on emergency procedures and aircraft systems, instrument procedures, and navigation chart interpretations for instrument-rated pilots.

Aviation Atlanta

3187 Corsair Drive, Suite 250 Atlanta, GA 30341

ph.: (770) 458-8034; fax: (770) 451-3422 (http://www.aviationatlanta.com/)

Offers a private pilot course for recreational pilots of single-engine aircraft; the professional pilot course is a comprehensive program that includes private and commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates; instrument and multiengine ratings; and instrument instructor and multiengine instructor ratings.

Aviation Safety Training

8319 Thora Lane, Hangar 5

Spring, TX 77379

ph.: (281) 379-2237; fax: (281) 251-7197 (http://www.aviationsafetytraining.com/index.htm)

Offers Advanced Maneuvering Program (AMP) to provide pilots with training on unusual attitude recoveries. Program focuses on teaching pilots how to recover from unexpected turbulence, wind shear, and disorientation.

Aviationwise Pilot Ground Schools, Distance Learning Technologies

Box 746

Deerfield Beach, FL 33443

ph.: (954) 426-3743; fax: (954) 426-3744


Offers complete online courses to prepare students who must take the FAA written test. Program is certified under FAR Part 91 but is not accredited.

Baker’s School of Aeronautics

1645-K Murfreesboro Road

Nashville, TN 37217

ph.: (615) 361-6787; fax: (615) 361-0010 (http://www.bakerssch.com)

Operating since 1973, the school offers ground courses for airplane and helicopter pilots, both private and commercial, that prepare students to pass written FAA exams;also offers courses for an Inspection Authorization rating and for aviation mechanics who wish to take the FAA written exams.

Blue Ridge Helicopter

731 Double Church Road

Stephens City, VA 22655 ph.: (540) 869-6208


Program trains helicopter pilots, with private, commercial, and flight instructor ratings; also offers scenic rides and aerial photography.

Bode Aviation

2501 San Pedro NE, Suite 211

Albuquerque, NM 87110

ph.: (888) 884-4530; fax: (505) 884-4551


Offers both flight training and ground school for private and instrument rating/commercial pilot certificates; also offers programs for aerobatics instruction, tailwheel sign-offs, and spin training.

C & C School of Aeronautics

1804 Waterfall Way, Suite #302

Spring Lake, NC 28390

ph.: (910) 321-0300; fax: (910) 496-9516 (http://ccsa1.bizhosting.com/index.htm)

Courses offered for recreational, private, commercial, and airline transport pilot certification; instrument rating; aviation mechanic, pilot, and parachute-rigger examiners; and flight and ground instructors.

Caelum Tranquilitatis, Ltd.

Farmingdale, Long Island Republic Airport

New York ph.: (631) 752-3363 (http://www.iflyctl.com/)

Founded in 1993; offers flight instruction for both private and commercial pilot licenses, instrument ratings, and flight instructor and airline transport licenses.

California Flight Academy

Gillespie Field

2045 N. Marshall Avenue

El Cajon, CA 92020

ph.: (619) 448-2212 (http://www.flycfa.com/)

Located near San Diego, California. Courses offered for private pilot and commercial pilot with multiengine

rating certification; basic, instrument, multiengine flight instructor, and airline transport pilot. Assists students who need housing.

Canelas International Aviation

P.O. Box 1049 Manor, TX 78653 ph.: (512) 272-9888 (http://www.canelas.com)

Offers both ground school courses and flight training for private and commercial pilot licenses, in addition to instrument rating and flight instructor certificates. Features a 30-minute orientation flight available to novice pilots after they attend a short ground-school lecture.

Capital Aircraft

900 Capital Airport Drive Springfield, IL 62707

ph.: (217) 525-6988; fax: (217) 525-0090 (http://www.capitalaircraft.com)

Offers lessons to obtain a private pilot license and opportunity to enjoy a short introductory flight with an instructor.

Cardinal Wings

2800 Moran Avenue

Louisville, KY 40205 ph.: (502) 459-6184


Offers courses for both private and commercial ratings.

Century Flight Academy

Morristown Airport 1 Airport Road

Morristown, NJ 07960

ph.: (973) 455-1770; fax: (973) 455-1991 (http://www.centuryair.com/index2.htm)

Operating since 1975; certification courses are for student, private, commercial, and airline transport pilot. Ratings offered include instrument, multiengine, and flight instructor.

Champion Aviation

2003 S.E. Airport Road

Stuart, FL 34996

ph.: (561) 463-8188; fax: (561) 463-8187 (http://www.apexaviation.com)

Operating since 1990 at Witham Field; offers primary and advanced flight instruction at hourly rates.

Chandler Air Service

1675 E. Ryan Road Chandler, AZ 85249

ph.: (480) 963-6420; fax: (480) 963-7639


Founded in 1976 and located near Phoenix; offers both aerobatic and tailwheel training, in addition to basic and advanced flight training to obtain private and commercial licenses.

Channel Islands Aviation

Camarillo Airport 305 Duxley Avenue Camarillo, CA

ph.: (805) 987-1301; fax: (805) 987-8301 (http://www.flycia.com)

Offering flight training since 1976; features an integrated program of ground school courses (Cessna multimedia computer-based instruction) and flight time. Ratings available for private, commercial, and airline transport pilots and for flight instructors.

Cirrus Aviation

8191 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34243 ph.: (941) 360-9074 (http://www.cirrusaviation.com/)

Programs for private and commercial pilot licenses, plus courses for instrument and multiengine ratings.

Comair Aviation Academy

2700 Flight Line Avenue Sanford, FL 32773

ph.: (407) 330-7020; fax: (407) 323-3817


An airline-affiliated flight school that requires its students to have a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Airplane, Multiengine Land and Instrument Rating before acceptance into the academy’s First Officer prescreening process. Successful completion of process allows students to join the Airline Pilot Training Program with a conditional offer of employment when program is completed.

CP Aviation

830 East Santa Maria Street, #301 Santa Paula, CA 93060

ph.: (805) 525-2138


Operating since 1940; offers basic private pilot license as well as commercial pilot license, instrument ratings, and courses for tailwheel and aerobatics flying.

Dakota Ridge Aviation

3300 Airport Road, Box 5 Boulder Municipal Airport Boulder, CO 80301

ph.: (303) 444-1017; fax: (303) 443-7038 (http://www.boulderweb.com/co/dral)

Offers courses for private and commercial pilot certificates; instrument, flight instructor, and multiengine ratings; also offers mountain instruction, scenic rides, and aerial photography.

Dulles Aviation

10501 Observation Road Manassas, VA 20110 phone: (703) 361-2171 (http://www.dullesaviation.com)

Instruction for private pilot through airline transport pilot certification and for all flight instructor ratings. Also assists with foreign pilot license conversion and housing/ transportation.

Dunkirk Aviation

3389 Middle Road Dunkirk, NY 14048 ph.: (716) 366-6938; fax: (716) 366-6986 (http://www.dkk.com/flight school.html)

Offers a complete program for pilots that includes private, commercial, and airline pilot certificates; instrument, multiengine, and helicopter ratings; and airline transport pilot courses. Offers aerobatic and tailwheel training, flight reviews, and instrument proficiency checks.

Executive Flyers

6151 Freeport Boulevard, Suite 151

Sacramento, CA 95822

ph.: (916) 427-1888; fax: (916) 427-1881


Operating since 1980; offers programs for private and commercial pilot licenses, multiengine and instrument ratings, and flight instructor ratings.

Fairbanks Flight Train

3580 University Avenue

S. Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks, AK 99709 ph.: (907) 474-0757


Separate programs for private pilot ground school and flight course; also offers instrument course and tailwheel high performance.

Flatirons Aviation Corp.

Boulder Municipal Airport 3300 Airport Road, Box L

Boulder, CO 80301 ph.: (303) 440-6522


Flight school offers a complete listing of courses for professional flight instructors; private, instrument, and commercial ratings and certificates; airline transport pilot; tail wheel transition; mountain and aerobatic flying; biennial flight reviews; and instrument competency checks.

Flight Control Academy 3701 S. Park Avenue, Suite 704

Tucson, AZ 85713

ph.: (520) 670-9583; fax: (520) 670-9588


Offers a course on site near the Tucson airport and also a correspondence course for aircraft dispatcher certification.

Flight School of Gwinnett, Inc.

800 Airport Road, Suite 101 Lawrenceville, GA 30245 ph.: (770) 513-0000


School offers both private and professional pilot certification courses; a computer-based instruction private pilot course; instrument/multiengine ratings; the certified flight instructor rating; and a “pinch-hitter” course for the general aviation passenger, which teaches the basic skills necessary to fly and land an airplane in an emergency.

Flying Lemur

Potomac Airfield Fort Washington, MD

ph.: (703) 623-9445


Owner has been an instructor since 1993; company offers aerobatic flying lessons, spin training, and thrill rides.

Grant Air

8800 Overseas Highway

Marathon, FL 33050

ph.: (305) 743-1995; fax: (305) 743-6635 (http://www.grantair.com)

In addition to courses for beginning pilots, offers commercial, seaplane, and instrument ratings; aerial photography and tours also available.

Great Western Aviation

369 North 2370 West Salt Lake City, UT 84116 ph.: (801) 359-2492 (http://www.gwaviation.com/index.php)

Certificated courses include private, commercial, and airline transport pilot certification; instrument and multiengine ratings, and certificated flight instructor with single-engine, instrument, and multiengine ratings. School also offers a mountain-flying course.

Gulfshore Helicopters

325 Danley Drive Page Field

Fort Myers, FL 33907 ph.: (941) 274-0333


Offers training for private, commercial, and certified flight instructor helicopter ratings; also does aerial photography.

Gulfstream Academy of Aeronautics

5302 Northwest Twenty-first Terrace

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

ph.: (877) 359-4853; fax: (954) 771-6175 (http://www.gulfstreamacademy.comlindex2.html)

School is affiliated with airline industry and offers courses forbasic flight training and First Officer training.

Hawaii Flight Academy

Gate 29

Hilo International Airport Hilo, HI 96720

ph.: (808) 538-7590; fax: (808) 969-1925 (http://www.fly-hawaii.coml)

Courses vary from a two-day advanced instrument technique course to atwenty-one-day private pilot course. Fixed price of fourteen-day instrument rating course includes twenty-five hours airplane time and thirteen nights at oceanside resort.

Indianapolis Aviation

Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport 9913 Willowview Road

Fishers, IN 46038

ph.: (317) 849-0840; fax: (317) 849-0912 (http://www.indianapolisaviation.com/)

Flight courses include private, recreational, and commercial pilot certificates; instrument and multiengine ratings; certified flight instructor, and airline transport pilot.

Jones Aviation Service

1234 Clyde Jones Road

Sarasota, FL 34243

ph.: (941) 355-8100; fax: (941) 351-9700 (http://www.ionesav.com)

Offers lessons for private pilot certificate and for a commercial/instrument rating.

Kentucky Airmotive

709 Airport Road

Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

ph.: (859) 498-1000


Offers charter flights and air cargo, in addition to flight instruction for private pilot license, instrument/commercial and multiengine ratings, and flight instructor certificate.

Lane Flight Technology

28715 Airport Road

Eugene, OR 97402

ph.: (541) 744-4195; fax: (541) 689-4023 (http://lanecc.edu/flight/flight.htm)

Offers training for the following certifications: private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating, and flight instructor.

Langa Air Flight Academy

10 Terminal Drive

East Alton, IL 62024

ph.: (618) 258-1005; fax: (618) 258-1007 (http://www.langaair.com)

Offers courses for all certificates and ratings, including private and commercial pilot licenses, instrument and multiengine ratings, certified/instrument/multiengine instructor, and airline transport pilot certificate. A flying scholarship is available for young adults, ages sixteen to nineteen.

Lantana Air

2633 Lantana Road, Suite 30, Office 5 Lantana, FL 33462

ph.: (561) 968-0019; fax: (561) 968-3836 (http://www.gate.net/’—lanair/)

Courses available for private and commercial pilot licenses, multiengine rating, certified flight instructor and instrument/multiengine instructor, and airline transport pilot. School also offers refresher training and biannual flight reviews.

Learjet Crews International

Fort Lauderdale, FL ph. (954) 917-8365


Specializes in ground and flight training for Learjet pilots and crew, focusing on the requirements of any corporate, charter, or business Learjet operator.

Learn To Fly

P.O. Box 7075 Sussex, NJ 07461

ph.: (973) 875-9830

(http://webusers.warwick.netk-~u 1007204/)

Small, private company that offers flying lessons at an hourly rate.

Livingston Aviation

2814 Betsworth Drive Waterloo, IA 50703

ph.: (319) 234-1783; fax: (319) 234-7763 (http://www.livingstonaviation.com/)

Utilizes computer-based instruction in its pilot training program.

Lynch Flying Service

1691 Aviation Place Logan International Airport

Billings, MT 59105

ph.: (406) 252-0508; fax: (406) 245-9491


Operating since 1940; services include air charter and air freight, in addition to flight training for private, commercial, and airline transport pilot ratings.

Mac Dan Aviation

27 Wright Way Fairfield, NJ 07004

ph.: (800) 346-2140; fax: (973) 227-8339 (http://www.macdan.com/)

Offers a private pilot and instrument rating ground school course; certification courses for private and commercial pilots, flight instructors with instrument and multiengine ratings, and airline transport pilots.

McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars P.O. Box 1175

McCall, ID 83638

ph.: (208) 634-1344


Teaches mountain and canyon flying; course outline includes both classroom and flight instruction on mountain and canyon meteorology, navigation, landing areas, and emergencies.

Manassas Aviation Center

10600 Observation Road Manassas, VA 20110 ph.: (703) 361-0575


Offering flight training since 1963; courses are available for private pilot certification and commercial and instrument ratings.

Mazzei Flying Service School of Aeronautics 4885 East Shields Road, Suite 201

Fresno, CA 93726

ph.: (559) 251-7501; fax: (559) 255-8900 (http://www.flymfs.com)

Established in 1936 and operating out of Fresno Airport; offers courses for airplane and helicopter pilots, with private, commercial, and airline transport ratings.

Mountain Aviation Enterprises

Albuquerque International Airport 2505 Clark Carr Loop SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 ph.: (505) 842-6660


Offers all certificates and ratings from private pilot through certificated flight instructor. Uses the Jeppesen-Sanderson Flight Training Program. Ground school can be completed through a self-study program or on a one-on-one basis with a flight instructor.

New Horizon Aviation

126 Club Loop, Greenville, SC 29607

ph.: (864) 299-5709; fax: (864) 299-0219


Flight instruction offers certificate programs for recreational pilot through airline transport pilot, and for single-engine and multiengine ratings. Additional services include biennial flight reviews; instrument proficiency checks; and tailwheel, complex, and high-performance checkouts.

North American Institute of Aviation

P.O. Box 680

Conway, SC 29528

ph.: (800) 327-6242; fax: (843) 397-3776 (http://www.naiasc.com/)

Offers a six-month Professional Pilot Program that includes private and commercial pilot licenses; instructor, multiengine, and certified flight instructor ratings, and includes local housing for students. Individual flight programs are also available.

North Florida Flight Center

855-1 St. Johns Bluff Road

Jacksonville, FL 32225

ph.: (904) 642-3912; fax: (904) 642-4868


Individualized program of study for recreational, professional, and business pilots; instrument ratings also available.

Oahu Aviation

Honolulu, HI

ph. and fax: (808) 833-8014


An airline that offers charter flights, skydiving, and flying lessons; located at Honolulu International Airport.

Pensacola Aviation Center

Pensacola, FL

ph.: (850) 434-0636; fax: (850) 434-3984


Training students since 1972; offers flight instruction for private, commercial, and airline transport pilot licenses. Flight simulator and charter services also available.

Preiss Aviation

1680 George Bush Drive W., Suite #12 College Station, TX 77845

ph.: (979) 260-7627


Offers flight-training programs for private pilot licenses, instrument ratings, and multiengine ratings.


19540 International Boulevard, #200

Seattle, WA 98188

ph.: (206) 878-7271; fax: (206) 878-7269 (http://www.premair.comlmain/index.html)

A certified training center for airline crews. Trains and certifies crews for domestic and international aviation; also offers proficiency checks and variance courses.

Preston Aviation

19708 Eustis Airport Road Eustis, FL 32736 ph.: (352) 589-1111


A tailwheel flight school that teaches proficiency in normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings, full stall and wheel landings, and go-around procedures.

Pro Flight Center

Piper Street

Beaver Falls, PA 15010

ph.: (724) 846-4900


Flight training is offered from private pilot through hair-line transport certification; tail wheel and aerobatics courses and courses for private and commercial helicopter pilot licenses and certified helicopter flight instructors are also offered.

Richmor Aviation P.O. Box 432

Hudson, NY 12534

ph.: (518) 828-9461; fax: (518) 828-1303 (http://www.richmor.comlifldeX.htm)

Billed as the “largest flight training school in the northeast,” with offices also in Poughkeepsie, Saratoga, and Schenectady. Offers training for commercial and private pilot licenses.

Rocket Aviation

Madison County Executive Airport

358 Bolling Road

Meridianville, AL 35759

ph.: (256) 828-8616; (258) 828-8627


Offers complete ground and flight instruction for private, commercial, instrument, and multiengine licenses; also offers tailwheel and aerobatic training programs.

Sabena Flight Academy

14605 North Airport Drive, Suite 350

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

ph.: (480) 948-4515; fax: (480) 443-8861


Main office inBrussels, Belgium; provides high quality training for airline cockpit and crew members; theoretical pilot training and cabin crew training take place in Belgium, and flight training takes place in Arizona. Assists with possible career placement in one of the Sabena Group airlines as well as in other airlines of member nations of the Joint Aviation Authorities.

Sheble Riviera Aviation

600 Highway 95 Bullhead City, AZ 86429 ph.: (520) 754-8318 (http://www.shebleaviation.COflhI)

Offers courses for private and commercial pilot licenses, certified flight instructors, and airline transport pilots, as well as instrument rating and multiengine rating. For students who already have a private pilot’s license, Sheble has a training course for single-engine seaplane license.

Shenandoah Flight Services

51 Aviation Circle, Suite 112 Weyers Cave, Virginia 24486 ph.: (540) 234-9789


Offers a professional pilot course that takes an average of six months to complete and includes private pilot’s license with instrument rating; commercial pilot’s single-engine and multiengine license; certified, multiengine, and instrument instructor; basic, advanced, and instrument ground instructor ratings.

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics

Oakland International Airport 9465 Earhart Road, North Field

Oakland, CA 94615

ph.: (510) 568-6100; fax: (510) 553-0747 (http://www.sierraacademY.com/index.aSP)

Offers courses for professional airline pilot, helicopter pilot, aircraft dispatcher, and aircraft mechanic certification.

Skihi, JMA Aviation Corporation

306 Fairlane Drive

Nashville, TN 37211

ph.: (615) 365-3218; fax: (615) 365-0813


Operating since 1991 at Nashville International Airport at 547 Perimeter Road, Hangar 2, Nashville, Tennessee. Offers courses for private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot, flight instructor, and instrument flight instructor certification.

Smith Aviation Testing

1940 Airport Court Great Falls, MT 59404

ph.: (406) 771-0791; fax: (406) 452-5212 (http://www.smithavi.com/)

Offers ground courses using the Jeppesen-Sanderson course syllabus. Courses include those for private and commercial certification, flight and ground instructor rating, and tail wheel endorsement.

Southern Wings Flight Training Center

New Braunfels Municipal Airport

1568 Entrance Drive

New Braunfels, TX 78130

ph.: (830) 606-4141; fax: (830) 629-3293


Courses for private, commercial, and airline transport pilot certificates and flight instructor, instrument, and multiengine ratings.

Sowell Aviation Co.

Municipal Airport P.O. Box 1490 Panama City, FL 32402

ph.: (850) 785-4325; fax: (850) 763-8293


Operating since 1945; extensive flight training program includes economy and deluxe courses for private and commercial pilot certifications, instrument and multi-engine ratings, and airline transport pilot certificates. Certified flight instructor programs include instrument and multiengine ratings

Stinson Air Center

Hangar 9, Stinson Field

8619 Mission Road

San Antonio, TX 78214

ph.: (210) 924-6634; fax: (210) 924-6636


Offers both fixed-wing and helicopter programs for private pilot through airline transport pilot ratings; also teaches emergency and aerobatic maneuvers.

Sunbird Flight Services

2475 South Airport Boulevard

Chandler, AZ

ph.: (480) 821-1521; fax: (480) 814-8534 (http://www.sunbird.org/index.htm.)

The professional pilot course includes individual courses that can also be taken separately: private and commercial pilot certification, flight instructor, and instrumental or multiengine flight instructor certificates.

Sunrise Aviation

19531 Campus Drive Santa Ana, CA 92707 ph.: (949) 852-8850 (http://www.sunrise-aviation.coml.)

Founded in 1978 and operating out of John Wayne Airport; offers training for private, instrument, commercial, and certified flight instructor ratings. Aerobatic division is one of the largest in the western United States.

Sutton Aviation

DuPont-Lapeer Airport 1232 Roods Lake Road Lapeer, MI 48446 ph.: (810) 667-6426 (http://www.sutton-aviation.coml)

Offers private, recreational, commercial, and flight instructor certificates and instrument and multiengine ratings.

Take Flight Alaska

ph.: (907) 274-9943; fax: (907) 273-3486 (http://www.takeflightalaska.com)

Operating from 1960 (originally as Wilbur’s Flight Operations and then as Flight Safety Alaska); offers instruction for private, commercial, and airline transport pilot certificates, and for instrument, commercial, and multi-engine ratings. Provides instruction for certified, instrument, and multiengine flight instructor certificates.

TallyHo Flight Training

Memorial Park

Hot Springs National Park


ph.: (501) 323-0812; fax: (501) 623-6448 (http://www.tallyhoflight.com)

Offers private and commercial pilot certifications and flight instructor and flight instructor instrument certificates.

Three Wing Flying Club

1000 Great Meadow Road Stratford, CT 06497

ph.: (203) 375-5795; fax: (203) 377-8067


Pilot training includes private and commercial licenses, with instrument and multiengine ratings also offered.

Tri-Star Aviation

20130 Birchwood Loop Spur P.O. Box 672074

Chugiak, AK 99567

ph.: (907) 688-4079


Provides two courses: a private course and an instrument course (twenty of the required forty hours are done in a simulator); also provides sightseeing and transportation services.

U.S. Helicopters

4225 Donald Douglas Drive, #102

Long Beach, CA 90808

ph.: (562) 497-0390; fax: (562) 497-0392


Programs offered for private and commercial helicopter pilot licenses, and for certified helicopter flight instructor rating. Introductory flight lessons are offered after a 30-minute ground school briefing.

University of Michigan Flyers

1075 Airport Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108

ph.: (734) 994-6208


Offers certification courses for both private and commercial pilots, as well as instrument ratings. Program features include an introductory discovery flight.

Volunteer Aviation

McGhee Tyson Airport P.O. Box 804

Alcoa, TN 37701

ph.: (865) 970-3090; fax: (865) 977-8901


Flight training includes private and commercial pilot licenses, instrument and multiengine ratings, and flight instructor certification.

Voyager Aviation

7003 Challenger Avenue

Titusville, FL 32780

ph.: (321) 385-2328; fax: (321) 264-0393 (http://voyageraviation.comlhome.html)

The two main courses offered are the professional pilot course, which usually takes four to six months to complete and includes private and commercial pilot certification, with instrument and multiengine ratings. The professional airline transport pilot course has two phases: phase I courses are for professional pilot and certified flight instructor certifications; phase II includes courses for certified/multiengine instructor and airline transport pilot certifications.

Wallace State Community College Flight School

P.O. Box 2000 Hanceville, AL 35077 ph.: (256) 352-8035 (http://www.cneti.com/wsfs/)

Flight training since 1978; offers a complete list of training for both airplane and helicopter, including private and commercial pilot certification, instrument and multi-engine ratings, flight and ground instructor certificates, airline transport pilot certification (with both single and multiengine ratings), biennial flight reviews, instrument competency checks, and high-performance checkouts.

Waukegan Wings

2346 W. Beach Road

Waukegan, IL 60087

ph.: (847) 599-9955; fax: (857) 599-9966


Flight school offers a complete list of classes, including those for recreational, private, and commercial pilot certifications; instrument, multiengine, and seaplane ratings; tailwheel and complex sign-offs, and biennial flight reviews.

West Air Aviation

2722 Perimeter Road, Suite 107

North Las Vegas, NV 89032

ph.: (702) 639-6800; fax: (702) 636-0671


Offers flight instruction in both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. For airplanes, private pilot license and instrument rating are available; for helicopters, private and commercial pilot ratings are available.

West Bend Air

P.O. Box 409

West Bend, WI 53095

ph.: (262) 334-5603; fax: (262) 334-5662


Offers training for private pilot license, in addition to advanced ratings and certifications.

Wing & Rotor International

Flagler County Airport

201 Airport Road, Suite 1, SR100

Bunnell, FL 32110

ph.: (904) 437-8359; fax: (904) 437-6000


An airplane and helicopter training center for private and commercial ratings.

Wings International

2635 Cunningham Avenue San Jose, CA 95148

ph.: (408) 251-6085; fax: (408) 251-8919 (http://www.wingsinternational.com)

Offers courses for private and commercial pilots, for instructor certification, single-engine and multiengine instrument rating, and both advanced and instrument ground instructors; also offers the airline transport pilot license.

Wisconsin Aviation

3606 Corben Court

Madison, WI 53704

ph.: (608) 268-5000; fax: (608) 268-5037


Operating since 1981 and offering courses for private pilot, commercial pilot, and airline transport pilot certifications; instrument and multiengine ratings; certified flight instructor, with instrument and multiengine ratings. School also offers several ground schools: private, instrument, commercial; high performance/complex; multiengine and refresher courses; instrument and weathermation refresher courses.

Wright Flyers Aviation

1954 First Avenue San Antonio, TX 78216 ph.: (210) 820-3800

(http://www.wrightflyers.com/contact frame.htm)

Courses include private and commercial pilot, instrument and multiengine ratings, airline transport pilot, and aerobatics.

Zephyr Aviation

Tacoma Narrows Airport

Gig Harbor, WA 98335

ph.: (253) 851-8083; fax: (253) 851-8433 (http://www.zephyraviation.com)

Offers training for private and commercial pilots, as well as instrument and multiengine ratings.


Air Ottowa

Box 350

808 St. Pierre Street

Embrun, Ontario, Canada KOA iWO ph.: (613) 443-2759


Offers single discovery flights, private and commercial licenses, night and instrument ratings.

Aspen Air

Hangar 5, Langley Airport 215-5333 216th Street

Langley, British Columbia, Canada V2Y 2N3


Located near Vancouver, Canada;offers classes for recreational pilot permit, in addition to those for commercial and private pilot licenses, instructor and instrument ratings.

Calgary Flight Training Center

Calgary International Airport, Hangar 11 820 MacTavish Road, N.E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7J7 (http://www.calgaryflight.com)

Training programs are for both recreational and professional pilots. Private pilot training includes license, night rating, multiengine endorsement, mountain flying, aerobatics, instrument navigation and rating, and a copilot course. Professional pilot training includes commercial pilot license, multiengine endorsement and instrument rating, and preparation for air transport pilot license exam.

Crosswind Aviation

3814 Dundas

London, Ontario, Canada N5V-5C6 ph.: (519) 268-1022 (http://www.crosswindaviation.com/)

A small company offering commercial pilot license.

E-Z Air Helicopter Services

Building 19, City Centre Airport

Suite 203

63 Airport Road

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

ph.: (780) 453-2058; fax: (780) 453-2080


Courses offered for both private and commercial helicopter pilot licenses; advanced courses include those for mountain, instrument, and night ratings. Web site includes information in Japanese for international students from Japan.

Harv’s Air Service

Steinbach South Airport, Box 1056 Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada ROA 2A0

ph.: (202) 326-2434; fax: (204) 326-4182


Offers on-line ground school and checklists for Canadian and foreign students. Courses are for both private and commercial pilot licenses, with miscellaneous courses for gravel runways, tail draggers, and cold weather experience; also offers training for agriculture and missionary pilots.

Inflight Innovations

Suite 811, 300-8120 Beddington Boulevard, NW

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3K 2A8

ph.: (403) 230-1951; fax: (403) 230-2784


Offers a preparatory program for cabin crew training, including emergency and safety procedures, evacuation drills, and inflight medical emergencies.

Mount McKay Flying Services

112-305 Hector Dougall Way

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada P7E 6M5

ph.: (807) 475-8660; fax: (807) 626-8923


Programs offered include recreational pilot permit, licenses for both private and commercial pilots, instrument and night ratings.

Okanagan Aviation

Vernon Regional Airport 6200 Tronson Road

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada V1H iNS ph.: (250) 549-5221; fax: (250) 549-5268 (http://www.okanagan-aviation.com)

More than eighteen years experience; offers flight training for private and commercial pilot licenses, and for instructor, multiengine, and night ratings. Another training option is the recreational pilot permit.

Pacific Flying Club

Boundary Bay Airport, Unit 96

4400 72 Street

Delta, British Columbia, Canada V4K 5B3

ph.: (604) 946-0011; fax: (602) 946-0821 (http://www.pacificflying.com)

Operating for thirty-six years; training program includes private pilot ground school, private and commercial pilot licenses, night endorsement, and ratings for multi-engine, instrument, instructor, and multiengine instructor.

Providence Aviation

Providence College

Otterbume, Manitoba, Canada ROA 100 ph.: (204) 433-7488; fax: (204) 433-7158 (http://www.harvair.mb.calprovidence/)

Specializes in the training of missionary and commercial pilots; offers three programs leading to recreational, private, and commercial pilot licenses.

Scotia Flight Centre

(1994) P.O. Box 44

Cambridge, Nova Scotia, Canada BOP 100 ph.: (877) 538-8057; fax: (902) 538-7353 (http://www.scotiaflight.ns.ca/index.htm)

Flight training for recreational permit, private and commercial pilot licenses, night and multiengine ratings, and single/multiengine flight instructor ratings. Assists with financing for student loans.


SEA Mexico

Aeropuerto Dr.

Jorge Jimenez Cantn, Hangar 8 52930 Atizapan de Zaragoza Edo. De Mexico

ph.: 53-08-05-52; fax: 53-08-30-52


Offers both private and commercial pilot training.

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