(Almost) Ten Excel Resources

This topic is only an introduction to Excel VBA programming. If you hunger for more information, you can feed on the list of additional resources I’ve compiled here. You can discover new techniques, communicate with other Excel users, download useful files, ask questions, access the extensive Microsoft Knowledge Base, and lots more.
Several of these resources are online services or Internet resources, which tend to change frequently. The descriptions are accurate at the time I’m writing this, but I can’t guarantee that this information will remain current.

The VBA Help System

I hope you’ve already discovered VBA’s Help system. I find this reference source particularly useful for identifying objects, properties, and methods. It’s readily available, it’s free, and (for the most part) it’s accurate. So use it.

Microsoft Product Support

Microsoft offers a wide variety of technical support options (some for free, others for a fee). To access Microsoft’s support services (including the useful Knowledge Base), go here:


And don’t forget about Microsoft’s Office site, which has lots of material related to Excel:


Internet Newsgroups

Microsoft’s newsgroups are perhaps the best place to go if you have a question. You can find hundreds of newsgroups devoted to Microsoft products — including a dozen or so newsgroups just for Excel. The best way to access these newsgroups is by using special newsreader software. (Microsoft Outlook Express is a good choice.) At msnews.microsoft.com, set your newsreader software to access the news server.
The more popular English-language, Excel-related newsgroups are listed here:
If you prefer to access the newsgroups using your Web browser, you have two choices:
http://support.microsoft.com/newsgroups/ http://groups.google.com
Your question has probably already been answered. To search old newsgroup messages by keyword, point your Web browser to


Internet Web Sites

Several Web sites contain Excel-related material. A good place to start your Web surfing is my very own site, which is named The Spreadsheet Page. After you get there, you can check out my material and then visit my links pages, which lead you to hundreds of other Excel-related sites. The URL for my site follows:

Excel Blogs

You can find literally millions of blogs (short for weblogs) on the Web. A blog is basically a frequently updated diary. A few blogs are devoted exclusively to Excel. One of them is written by Dick Kusleika, who happens to be the technical editor for this topic. You can read Dick’s Daily Dose of Excel here:


When I have a question about any topic (including Excel programming), my first line of attack is Google — currently the world’s most popular search site.
Enter a few key search terms and see what Google finds. I get an answer about 90 percent of the time. If that fails, then I search the newsgroups (describe earlier) using this URL:


Local User Groups

Many larger communities and universities have an Excel user group that meets periodically. If you can find a user group in your area, check it out. These groups are often an excellent source for contacts and sharing ideas.

My Other Topic

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a blatant plug. To take VBA programming to the next level, check out my Microsoft Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA .

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