The Part of Tens (E-Discovery)

In this part

This seventh part of the topic addresses three top questions about e-discovery: what are the top rules ruling e-discovery (topic 18), how do I keep an edge on my opponents (topic 19), and the #1 self-help topic, what do judges expect me to know walking into an e-discovery case (topic 20).
In topic 18, you have the top ten e-discovery rules explained to you. You’ll find this topic has exactly what you need to know. And we can verify that you can’t find a listing of ten rules so perfectly explained anywhere else.
In topic 19, we give you a roadmap to e-discovery resources and commentary to keep you informed and dangerously armed to win. You’ll want to leverage and advance your legal and technical e-discovery knowledge, which we help you with. If you see either of us at any of these conferences or vendor events, come over and say hi.
In topic 20, we provide lessons from those who suffered terrible fates and the wrath of judges to bring them to you. Unless you were born on the sun, you’ll want to know about these incredibly hot legal spots to avoid.

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