Supreme Court of the United States (E-Discovery)

You can go right to the source, the Supreme Court of the United States. Don’t overlook or underestimate the value of this Web site. You can search the Supreme Court files for documents containing terms that are of interest to you. Results are portable data format (PDF) documents and available for download. Having a law degree may be necessary to understand the cases.
Under the Recent Decisions heading are links to various other pages including Docket, Oral Arguments, and Opinions. What you may find useful from the Docket page are reports from Special Masters at www.supremecourtus. gov/SpecMastRpt/SpecMastRpt.html.
The docket system is the court’s automated case-tracking system for information about pending and decided cases. You can do a search for cases using docket numbers or case names. The format for Supreme Court docket numbers is Term Year-Number (for example, 08-100). Clearly, this feature is not for techies.

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