What You Will Need to Work In Mudbox (Introduction to Mudbox) (Digital Sculpting with Mudbox)

To get the best results from Mudbox’s sculpting tools and painting brushes, you will need a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet. We recommend that you use a Wacom tablet. In fact, Autodesk lists a Wacom tablet as part of the system requirements for Mudbox. Wacom produces a wide variety of graphics tablets for all levels of experience and budgets. Before starting work on the tutorials, launch Mudbox, go to the Help menu, select Mudbox Help, and complete the Tablet Setup instructions. The reason we are not guiding you through the tablet set up process is that set up for different tablets may vary and you can customize how your tablet works.

Mudbox was developed to be used by a wide spectrum of users, including students, hobbyists, and professionals. Each type of user will require different configurations of computer hardware, depending on how they use Mudbox. For the tutorials in this topic, your computer should meet the minimum hardware and operating system requirements listed for Mudbox on the Autodesk website. The reason your computer must have at least the minimum requirements is that to effectively sculpt in Mudbox, you will be working with models composed of hundreds of thousands and, sometimes, millions of polygons.

Although Mudbox is optimized to efficiently manage very large polygon datasets, you will still need the computer hardware that can handle the data. The tutorials in this topic were designed so that almost anyone can complete the work with a standard computer that meets the minimum requirements.

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