Online Resources (Digital Sculpting with Mudbox)

Mudbox Forums

The Area

The Area is an Autodesk official Mudbox forum.


CGSOCIETY is a busy Mudbox forum.

The Guerrilla CG Project

The Guerrilla CG project is a volunteer organization of CG (Computer Graphics) professionals, whose goal is to produce free tutorials to assist others in understanding the fundamentals of computer graphics. If you would like to get involved, then visit

Free videos to date include the following:

3D General

•    Hierarchy Basics – Andrew Silke

3D Polygonal Modeling

•    The Polygon – Andrew Silke

•    Multi Sided and Intersection Polygons – Andrew Silke

•    Smooth Shading – Andrew Silke

•    Smooth Shading Examples – Andrew Silke

•    Objects – Andrew Silke

•    Subdivision surfaces: Overview – Glen Moyes

• Subdivision Surface Topology: Artifacts – Greg Petchkovsky

3D Rigging

•    Hierarchy Basics

• Hierarchies: Building a Robot – Andrew Silke

•    The Rotation Problem – Andrew Silke

•    Euler Rotations Explained – Andrew Silke

3D Texturing

• Displacement and Bump: Overview – Paul McGrade

Free 3D Tutorials

Find more free tutorials at

3D Printing and Scanning

Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping

Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping is a comprehensive guide to all things dealing with rapid prototyping.

Wohlers Associates and Wohlers Report

Wohlers report shares regular updates to news that is happening in the world of rapid prototyping.

Emotion In Art

Dr Paul Ekman

Paul Ekman is the psychologist who developed the Facial Action Coding System.

A Human Face

A Human Face is a Facial Action Coding System resource.

Ed Ulbrich: How Benjamin Button Got His Face .html

It is a lecture on how the Facial Action Coding System was used in the creation of Benjamin Button.

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