Software Bug Toolkit (Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers)

Whenever software is created, human error is possible. The result of this error is software bugs. These bugs can be critical in any deployment, and it is key that you know as much as possible so you can compensate and adjust accordingly to avoid any service impact or degeneration.

The software bug toolkit is an online source that contains the most current and comprehensive software bug information available on all Cisco operating systems. It is a great tool for any customer regardless of size. The Software Bug ToolKit is located at When you are aware of potential software bugs, you are in a much better state to make better decisions. Partners whose job is maintaining customer networks and customers themselves can trou-bleshoot problems more quickly. They can also plan and formulate future upgrades with this added information.

Features and benefits:

■ Having a web-based tool provides access to the most up-to-date known bugs in Cisco IOS Software, Cisco Catalyst OS software, and most other Cisco software.

■ You have access to more bug data, including those of low severity.

Comprehensive alerts and notifications are available, with real-time updates.

■ Search accuracy is improved, using new bug data sources within Cisco.

■ Filtering capabilities are better, so you can narrow the search for specific bugs. This capability allows frequent offering of specific resolutions to the problem.

■ You can scan bug details to quickly preview search results.

■ You can export data to a spreadsheet for offline analysis.

■ Search results have sortable columns.

■ Feedback mechanisms are enhanced. Action-directed reports are an example.

■ Partners can troubleshoot issues associated with known bugs and determine the appropriate corrective action.

■ Partners can retain and satisfy customers by improving network uptime and reducing the risks associated with software upgrades.

■ Partners can be proactive in tracking bugs that can affect the network of each customer.

■ Troubleshooting is quicker. You can pinpoint probable bugs faster and, in many cases, provide proven workaround solutions.

■ Partners have the flexibility they need to analyze bug data.

■ Partners and customers can quickly report any problems or concerns about Bug Toolkit.

■ Partners and customers can rate the overall quality of a bug and provide feedback about a specific bug.

Every engineer needs to make it common practice when running into a particular problem to always consult the bug toolkit. Nothing is more frustrating than troubleshooting a problem only to find out it is a software defect. By checking the bug toolkit, you can save hours and many resources. In addition, the bug toolkit usually includes workarounds. Even if the customer is in a situation to identify a bug with no fix at this point in time, the toolkit might offer a work-around until a fix becomes available. The time spent investigating possible bugs will pay for itself ten times over in the long run.


This topic taught you new avenues to pursue to solve or diagnose whatever issue you might be facing. When Cisco acquired Airespace, the product did not have the same caliber of troubleshooting venues as a typical IOS device. As the product evolves, newer features are established to identify ways of solving problems. Hopefully, this topic has armed you with additional facets to help complete any picture that needs to be developed.

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